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December 3 2012 to December 9 2012

Monday December 3
Kitty Alarm

Hi Jonathan,
I had a job where I had to get up at 4:30am and this was on top of being an insomniac. It was brutal and difficult so I set up two alarm clocks - one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. Within a few days my cat began to jump on my chest before the alarms would go off and take the tip of my nose, holding it with her teeth! I couldn't do more than get out a whispered 'let go, let go', but she always held on until I was truly awake. Kathleen

Tuesday December 4
Royal Baby

Prince William is a Cancerian. His mother, Diana, was Cancerian too. It looks as if her grand-daughter may also belong to this sign. All babies born around the middle of 2013 will capture, in their horoscopes, the exceptional energy of seven rare 'squares' being formed from Uranus to Pluto between 2012-2015. It will be over 60 years until the world comes under such an awakening influence again. The new heir to the throne will play a crucial part in a consciousness revolution that inspires the children of tomorrow to create a dramatically different, far less fearful future.

Wednesday December 5
Cat Awareness

Dear Jonathan,
My mother died in a nursing home. Before she passed, the hospice informed me she probably wouldn't last many more days, and to start planning her funeral. That night, I was in bed when my cat jumped on my chest and took its two front paws to cradle my face and gaze into my eyes. Seconds later the nursing home rang to say my mother had just passed away, sooner than they expected. To this day, I'm convinced that somehow my mother was able to say she loved me and to say goodbye through the cat. Janet

Thursday December 6
Hang On Tight!

Hello Jonathan,
Why do you think some people never get ahead no matter how hard they work and everything seems to come so easy for others? Tamara

Hello Tamara,
You haven't told me your details so I can't consult your birth chart but I think what you're really saying is, 'This is how the world seems to me right now.' We all have times when things come easily and times when we face a struggle... but at such times we lose the ability to remember how we felt when it was all the other way around! Hang on tight.

Friday December 7
Animal Instinct

Dear Jonathan,
One afternoon before I took a nap, I told my cat that I mustn't sleep past 3:15. He woke me promptly at 3:14. Susan

I had a Great Pyrenees dog who could wake me up by staring into my face. He stood by the bed and looked at me until I unconsciously opened my eyes. Martha

We used to feed a squirrel at our ground floor flat. It took peanuts from my hand. I told it to come at 4:30 and at exactly 4:30 its head popped up. Jane

Saturday December 8
Your Week Ahead

People make a lot of fuss about the weeks, each year, when the planet of commerce and communication appears to retrace its steps. The phrase 'it must be Mercury Retrograde' is used, even by non-astrologers to describe a hiccup in business or a problem with messages. Mercury is not reversing now but since July, Uranus, planet of social change and technological innovation, has been retrograde. This week, that changes. We may soon hear exciting announcements from the world of science and technology. And in countries where recent progress towards political reform has slowed, there may be progress again soon.

Sunday December 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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