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December 10 2012 to December 16 2012

Monday December 10
Squawk of the Town

Dear Jonathan,
When I was living at home, I had a parakeet named Freckles. Freckles was quite the chatterbox. For some reason my Dad insisted the bird couldn't talk. At dinner one evening, my Dad, completely breaking character, stood up, went over to the bird's cage and made annoying bird-like noises to it. Freckles clung to the cage facing my Dad. Suddenly, the bird said, 'Shut Up!' My Dad was stunned. He sat down, finished dinner and didn't say another word till he was done. The bird had never said that before, and didn't ever repeat it. Tish

Tuesday December 11
Changing the Goal Posts

Hello Jonathan,
I think you misunderstood Tamara when she asked, last week, 'Why do you think some people never get ahead while everything seems to come so easy for others? ' I have definitely seen some people try hard but never get further than when they started. To me, it seems so unfair. Lyn

Dear Lyn,
What do you mean by 'get no further'? Is life all about making money and attaining status? Or is it about gaining wisdom and feeling gratitude? Who, if they sincerely aim for these goals, can ever fail to make the most wonderful progress?

Wednesday December 12
Galactic Malignment

Dear Jonathan,
How can you say there is no galactic alignment on December 21, 2012 when hundreds of experts say the planets WILL align? Andrea

Dear Andrea,

I'm not sure who these experts are but perhaps you'd like to ask them, on my behalf, why the annual 'galactic alignment' on December 21 will be any different to the one we had last year or the one that's due next year. I'm still waiting to hear an explanation of why this one is suddenly so special, other than that it happens to coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Thursday December 13
Cat Call

Dear Jonathan,
Years ago I took in a lovely old tabby cat. She stayed with me for a few weeks but I longed to know who her owners were. So I put up posters. The owners claimed her, and I was happy. Months later, I 'felt' that cat jump on to my bed. I turned on the light and could see nothing but the next day I telephoned her owners who said she had developed a kidney problem and had had to be put to sleep the day before. It felt like she had come to say goodbye. Mel

Friday December 14
Baby Talk

The announcement of Kate's pregnancy sparked a media frenzy so intense that it led to a tragic death. Other astrologers have suggested that this may be a portent of more trouble to come. I disagree. A baby not yet born has no horoscope and, thus, no 'contract with destiny'. But I concede that the rule may be different in a case like this where, regardless of sign (or sex) a child is due to become a monarch. Perhaps we're about to see the birth of someone whose life helps to sober the world out of an intoxicated obsession with royalty!

Saturday December 15
Your Week Ahead

Are you ready for the end of the world? Supposedly it arrives later this week. Friday, to be precise. Unless you're in Australia or Japan, in which case you can expect it Saturday. Although, actually, most experts on the Mayan timekeeping tradition are keen, these days, to point out that we don't need to worry just because the 'long count calendar' is completing a cycle. It doesn't, they say, signify the end of anything. More the beginning of a wonderful new era. And for several other reasons that I shall say more about next year... I agree with them!

Sunday December 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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