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March 11 2013 to March 17 2013

Monday March 11
Fear Ye Not

Dear Jonathan,
You recently quoted a Catholic catechism containing the phrase '...They contradict the honour, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God.' But God does not expect anyone ever, to operate from a standpoint of fear. It's all about love! Patty

Dear Patty,
Astrology is, traditionally a form of 'divination' which implies 'understanding the mind of the divine.' But I don't pretend to know everything about the universe and its Creator. Nor do I intend to open up this page to a debate. I must say, though, that I, too, found that phrase 'loving fear' slightly creepy.

Tuesday March 12
Power to the People

Hi Jonathan,
You recently asked to hear from readers who had experiences of strange phenomena. My boyfriend has always had trouble with electronic devices around him. Automatic doors refuse to open, a flight check-in computer went out just as he walked up to the airline counter; his parents had just installed cable TV one afternoon only to have it completely shut down as he drove up to their house; the repair man said he'd never seen anything like it! If only we could find a way to harness that power together, we'd be the dynamic duo! Tina

Wednesday March 13
Fire Tirade

Hello Jonathan!
I found Amy's recent comments about Street Light Interference interesting as this happens to me a lot, not just with street lamps but lights of all types. It never happens as a result of anger or upset. Susan

Hi Jonathan,
I frequently 'break' electric gadgets if I'm stressed. Lyn

Dear Jonathan,
I'm glad someone has mentioned popping light bulbs. I used to do this often as a child when afraid or upset and learned to suck my energy in to stop it. I believe you need to be careful with angry energy; it can actually cause fires! Tristan

Thursday March 14
Little White Papal Bull

Tommy Steele first came to fame as a British pop star. He later developed prodigious talent as an actor - and can still be found singing and dancing to packed houses in the West End of London. He comes across as a cheerful chap; honest and humble with a perpetual twinkle in his eye. So too, does his time twin, Pope Francis. Both were born on December 17, 1936. Both have a typically easygoing Sagittarian air.

Friday March 15
Sleep Patterns

Dear Jonathan,
I slept poorly for much of the past week. The past couple of nights, I have slept well again. A friend of mine had the same experience. This got me thinking about astrology and sleep. Can some planetary alignments result in sleep deprivation? Allison

Dear Allison,
They can indeed, but almost always these involve direct points of resonance between current planetary positions and individual birth charts. Few and far between are the cosmic conditions so intense as to keep an entire zodiac sign awake! Some Full Moons though, can make many of us restless for a while.

Saturday March 16
Your Week Ahead

2013 is likely to be remembered as the 'year of the comet'. Thanks to Halley's comet, 1910 was one of those too. another big year for stunning celestial signs was 1066. That was Halley's comet also, depicted in the famous Bayeux Tapestry as a symbol of doom for Harold and victory for William. The current comet, Panstarrs, has nothing to do with Halley's discovery. But it is still amazing and we haven't seen the back of it yet. Later this year, we're due an even brighter sight called ISON. Such forces are effectively omens of highly positive global change.

Sunday March 17
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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