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April 1 2013 to April 7 2013

Monday April 1
Superficial Similaristic

Hi Jonathan,
My son befriended a boy in kindergarten. They turned out to be born the same day, month and year, less than ten minutes apart, on the same longitude but one 800km south of the other! My son has turned out to be artistic, but struggles with maths. His friend is less creative but good at science. Their talents may have more to do with his friend's mother being an accountant... and me being an artist! Tina

Dear Tina,
Ten minutes and 800km can make a big difference in key respects, but there will be several superficial similarities.

Tuesday April 2
Not Unlucky for All

Dear Jonathan,
I am due to replace my car in June. As I have a disability and this is a mobility contract, I have to abide by the policy. The trouble is the new number plate will be '13'. Apparently, the 13 plate is never used in Formula 1 cars and has been banned by a French organisation. I would love to hear your views on this. Ann

Dear Ann,

I promise that whatever else determines your luck in life, it absolutely isn't whether you wear, carry, live at an address containing or drive a car marked with... thirteen!

Wednesday April 3
Superficial similarities: explaining the process

Hi Jonathan,
I know, at first hand, that time twins share superficial similarities. My friend was born on the same day of the same year as me. The times were different as were the cities. We are similar in many ways but not identical. After all, we are individuals. As you know, there are many things in a birth-chart besides the position the Sun occupied. In our case, the moon changed signs on our birthday and, of course, we have different rising signs. Crystal

Dear Crystal,
I do know that, indeed. But thank you for explaining it so well.

Thursday April 4
Tunnel Vision

Dear Jonathan,
A while ago, I visited some Australian caves on a 'self-tour'. As you walk down steep steps, the lights come on before you automatically. I got about 1km in on my own when all went dark. I shouted but nobody heard me, lost my balance and eventually I crawled out. When I went to report this they didn't believe me but about three weeks later, they called, said they had detected it and apologised. I don't know if I caused this somehow but it taught me a lot about my own need to be less afraid. Pam

Friday April 5
Shocking Thoughts

Dear Jonathan,
Like many people, I get brief electric shocks on escalators and from metal rails in shops. But I have realised that it only happens if I am not thinking about it, never when I am expecting it. Angela

Dear Angela,
That's a slightly different topic to the one we've been covering lately, about people for whom lights seem to switch on or off when they get into particular moods. But now you've got me wondering. Do other readers feel they have experienced an ability to attract or repel static electricity, simply through using the power of thought?

Saturday April 6
Your Week Ahead

Each day this week takes us closer to the Dark of The Moon... which famously makes people more receptive. In ancient times it was considered the best moment to work magical rituals. These days, those who claim psychic ability often report stronger visions under this influence. If you are sometimes blessed with hunches or premonitions, expect them to intensify soon. And as this Dark of The Moon precedes the annual New Moon in Aries, you may find that even if your interests are not esoteric, this is an excellent time to start afresh with projects that have somehow stalled.

Sunday April 7
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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