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April 8 2013 to April 14 2013

Monday April 8
I Should Be So Lucky

Dear Jonathan, I moved to a tower block on the 13th floor. My marriage broke down soon after. Call me old fashioned but no, I don't walk under ladders! Roger

Dear Roger,
You really think your marriage would have lasted if only you'd lived on the 14th floor?

Dear Jonathan, My car has 13 on the number plate. It's the best car ever. My darling grandad was born in 1913 and my dad lived happily at No.13 for many years. Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,
I wonder if you'd think about it differently if you had met and married Roger?

Tuesday April 9
More on Time Twins

Hello, Jonathan.
You've recently mentioned that 'time twins' have similarities. But don't all people born under the same astrological signs share the same qualities? Cherry

Hello Cherry,
They do. But our shared astrological characteristics are a bit like our shared cultural backgrounds. Think of people who come from the same city. They may speak in a similar accent or have matching attitudes and expectations. Folk whose birth dates and years are exactly the same may still have very different personalities to each other but often they will turn out to have an uncannily large number of points in common.

Wednesday April 10
More Questions Than Answers

Hello Jonathan, Does astrology influence brain waves? I find that often when I try to say 'apple' it cones out as 'orange' and vice versa. Sometimes even when I do say 'apple', people hear me saying 'orange'. It confuses me! Sue

Hello Sue,
Sorry, I'm not quite following this. Are you asking about apples or oranges?

Dear Jonathan, I was just wondering if humans were aboard Voyager 1, how would astrology affect them? Corey

Dear Corey, Rather differently!

Hi Jonathan, I have a super power. When I smile at people ... they smile back. It's magical. Lucy

Hi Lucy,

Thursday April 11
Shock and Stress

Dear Jonathan,
Collecting static has nothing whatsoever to do with the power of thought or anything like that. It is a purely physical phenomenon. Jim

Hello Jonathan,
I have been having a dozen or so electric shocks every hour with everything metal (and water) that I touch, for two months. The shocks are strong and scary. A blue spark jumps from my fingertip at times! I've been dealing with a stressful situation beyond my control all this time, trying not to react because, although it does need attention, it's hard not to feel outrage. Could this be responsible? Jasmine

Friday April 12
Unexplained Charges

Dear Jonathan,
I find that, depending on my mood, I can scramble TV signals, break wi-fi or make lights flicker. It gets stranger. There is one particular place where I go for a night out and always park under a street lamp. When I arrive it flickers on and stays on until I drive away. It is just a regular street lamp. Proof of my guardian angel at work? Or just my electric personality? James

Hi Jonathan,
I once charged my mobile phone while holding it in my hand while it wasn't even plugged in to the charger. Suzanne

Saturday April 13
Your Week Ahead

The annual visit of Venus to Taurus is about to begin. This week also brings a conjunction of the Sun and Mars. Both developments are supposedly 'good'. But for whom? Venus in Taurus is good for artists, creatives, musicians and aesthetes. It's good too for bakers, nurses and gardeners. The same traditional system implies that the Sun's meeting with Mars is good for soldiers. But how can what's good for one soldier, on one side of a war, also be good for another, on the other side? Unless, perhaps, the alignment makes war less likely. Which this just might.

Sunday April 14
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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