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April 15 2013 to April 21 2013

Monday April 15
Lucky Numbers

Dear Jonathan,
In numerology, the number 13 actually becomes a number four. Some people think four is unlucky too but it is not the number's fault. It is the negative belief they attach to it. Bronia

Since I moved to a place where the street address adds to four. I have never had such bad luck. Vivien

Hi Jonathan,
My birthday is 13-02-57 therefore my 13th birthday was on Friday 13th! I spent the whole day walking under ladders and annoying black cats - I survived and in fact have been blessed with a wonderful life! Seersha

Tuesday April 16

Dear Jonathan,
I am a Libran. So was Mrs Thatcher. Her politics have proved to be like Marmite spread (you either love it or you hate it). But what about her general personality traits? Was she playing a tough character to get the job done? I did when I was in the Police. Then I'd cry all the way home. Marie

Dear Marie,
I'm trying to avoid the controversy attached to this topic but I like your observation. My 12-year-old daughter said last week, 'Dad, maybe she had to try extra hard to act tough because she was a woman.' She may have a point too!

Wednesday April 17
In the Mood

Dear Jonathan,
I'm surprised that so many people are surprised their moods can affect material objects. I think most of us will have had problems sending an important e-mail when we are stressed. Before that, people used to have problems with photocopiers when they were upset or in a rush. I have personally messed up many a car's electrical systems. And remember the poor summer in Britain? Everybody was concerned it would rain for the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies, but it didn't. It was as if people's spirits had been lifted and the weather improved.

Thursday April 18
Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Dear Jonathan,
You keep printing letters about electric shocks, time twins and various other minor, trivial matters. What about stopping all that non-important chat and offering us all some thoughts on the North Korean danger for a change? Lian

Dear Lian,
I'm more inclined to offer you Shakespeare's thoughts. Towards the end of his 'Scottish play' he has his hero speak of 'A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.' I haven't said anything else on the topic because I thought it was so obvious that nothing else really needed to be said!

Friday April 19
As Above So Below

Dear Jonathan,
Does the meaning of 'As above, so below' also apply to the horoscopes of our loved ones when they have crossed over to the other side? Karen

Dear Karen,
I love questions like this because it is impossible to answer them. 'As above, so below' is an old saying, suggesting that events on Earth reflect the patterns in the sky. Naturally enough, I'm happy with this as a maxim. But what are you asking me here? Do you think our departed loved ones are 'above' or 'below'?. Either way, I feel astrology is strictly for the living!

Saturday April 20
Your Week Ahead

A partial Lunar Eclipse will be visible in the places listed below on Thursday evening, or Friday morning from some parts of the world. If you are in a place from where it can be seen, make sure you are actually looking at the Moon! These days, with so much to watch on TV, the sky holds our attention less than it once did. Plus, just as TV signals can fluctuate in strength, Moon vision requires the sky to be fairly cloud-free. Thankfully, it has an impact whether we see it or not. That impact for us all this week will be (in different ways for different signs) a realisation that something we thought was hopeless is hopeful after all!

Parts of New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Eastern Russia and Indonesia (visible at Moonset), Western Europe and West Africa, (visible at Moonrise). In Eastern Europe, Eastern and Southern Africa, India, most of China and most of Russia, the entire eclipse is visible.

Sunday April 21
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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