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April 29 2013 to May 5 2013

Monday April 29
Yum Kipper

I'm always reading that some eclipses are more powerful than others. What makes an eclipse powerful? Susan

Dear Susan,

All eclipses are important. I would never dream of suggesting that some are more powerful than others.

Hi Jonathan,
Your forecasts are occasionally puzzling but on April 24, you were spot on! My husband and I were discussing whether to cook kippers with a use-by date of April 23 when I saw your forecast about that very subject. I had to laugh! Gail

Hi Gail,

I only meant it as a metaphor. I hope your kippers were OK!

Tuesday April 30
Do Unto Others

Dear Jonathan,
It was lovely to read those remarks about treating others as you would yourself, from different religions. Sadly, it appears that Islam has no such attitude. Joan

Dear Joan,

Actually, there are several similar statements in the Quran, and other writings, containing the following tale. A Bedouin grabbed the stirrup of the prophet's camel and said: O, messenger! Teach me something to go to heaven with. The Prophet said: 'As you would have people do to you, do to them; and what you dislike to be done to you, don't do to them. Now let the stirrup go!'

Wednesday May 1

Hi Jonathan,
My father, mother and many relatives are born on the last day of the month, with exception of myself and my brother who are born on the 11th and 18th. We share our birthdays with our two female cousins. I noticed this at an early age. I dismissed it as chance. But perhaps it could have some special significance? Debster

Dear Debster,
Any statistician will tell you that this is chance! It is an entirely unsurprising distribution of numbers. But it is still possible for something to have mystical significance, even if it doesn't have statistical significance!

Thursday May 2
Mystical Vision

Hi Jonathan,
I sat watching the recent lunar eclipse reflecting beautiful colours through the clouds. I noticed dark images that floated down till they looked like spirits rising. But then one dropped on to my roof, then another and another, then a smaller blue fuzzy one. It scared me a little. I am usually very level-headed. It was not like when you see colour in your retina after looking at bright lights. What did it mean? Stacy

Dear Readers,
Before I give Stacy my take on her mystical vision, would anyone like to write in with some suggestions?

Friday May 3

Dear Jonathan,
Your zodiac forecasts have enlightened me in many ways. They have also taught me that I can't escape my fate, whether this is a good thing or not. Harutyun

Dear Harutyun,
I sincerely hope that this is not what they have taught you. This may sound like a strange thing for an astrologer to be saying but I strongly contest the idea that anyone anywhere has any right to declare, unequivocally, what someone else's fate is due to be. And if your fate (or mine) is ever entirely inescapable, what is the point of life on Earth?

Saturday May 4
Your Week Ahead

In the theatre, the opening of a curtain usually heralds the start of a performance. The curtain closing suggests an ending. Such traditions still apply to the great celestial spectacle. A couple of weeks ago, we had a lunar eclipse. Towards the end of this week, some parts of the world get a glorious annular solar eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs, as if announcing a cavalcade of magic moments for millions worldwide. We're in the midst of one now. Don't imagine this is any ordinary week. Even if you don't see an eclipse, you may yet see a miracle! Jonathan looks at the week ahead...

Sunday May 5
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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