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January 7 2013 to January 13 2013

Monday January 7
Good News for 2013

It is not just a glorious comet that we can look forward to later this year. The global economic outlook should improve faster than most experts expect it to and a new mood of hope will awaken in millions of hearts. The sky's single, simple message for us all is that 2013 is to be a time of great healing. Emotional wounds can be patched up and psychological scars can be soothed in the coming months. Meanwhile, in the world of conventional, physical medicine, we will come to hear about some inspiring new ways to constructively treat infamous ailments.

Tuesday January 8
New Horizons

You recently wrote that 2013 will be one of the happiest years many of us have ever known. That's quite a bold statement! What do you know that's on the horizon, specifically? Very curious, indeed! Clint

Dear Clint,
Two more in the series of seven squares from Uranus to Pluto, this set becoming part of a Cardinal T-square involving Jupiter which eventually also forms a Grand Cross with the Moon. Plus two rare, naked-eye comets. That's the end of an old fearful era, freedom from old beliefs and new global prosperity inspired by high humanitarian ideals.

Wednesday January 9
Star Mines

Dear Jonathan,
Would you be able to talk a bit about 'fracking' please. From what I read, it just seems a mad rush to make some money for the country whilst polluting our drinking water. What do the stars show? Dani

Dear Dani,
Horoscopes don't pronounce unequivocally and reliably on the 'good' and 'bad' of any topic, situation or person. All I can tell you is that I see this particular system of fuel mining becoming more widespread around the world in 2013. It will remain controversial, yet not all the concerns about it will prove to be justified!

Thursday January 10
Self Critical Mass

Dear Jonathan,
You've spoken lately about how you feel 2013 will bring change to the world. Do you mean this in a personal, spiritual way for each individual, or is it a kind of global re-thinking of the way we run this place? This world is so full of injustice and wrong-doing, it seems that no one person is willing to take responsibility for what's wrong. Who do we look to? Brigitte

Dear Brigitte, Ourselves! It is through individuals awakening to a great sense of possibility that many campaigns for positive change will reach critical mass this year.

Friday January 11
Do Worry, Be Happy

Hi Jonathan,
I am curious that you never mention the environment or climate change as a factor that anyone might have a worry about. Do you know something we don't? If so please could you share, because as far as I can see the future is bleak for the bulk of the population. Sophie

Dear Sophie,
Thirty years ago, when nobody else seemed to be worried about the environment, I was worried. Awareness campaigns have since made millions very worried. I now predict that, as long as enough of us remain worried, we will have nothing to worry about!

Saturday January 12
Your Week Ahead

It is usually around this time of year that many of us begin to feel frustrated about an apparent inability to keep to the resolutions that we made, with such sincerity, just weeks before. If you encounter this soon, please be aware that in 2013 there will be many more opportunities to embrace lasting, positive change. Such chances will arise at times that fit more naturally with your full, personal astrological profile. I will do my best to draw your attention to these dates as they arise. Till then, keep trying by all means... but go easy on yourself.

Sunday January 13
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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