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May 13 2013 to May 19 2013

Monday May 13
Blessed is Best

Dear Jonathan,
I have experienced much struggle and strife in my love life so far. I have read several astrological forecasts that say this is only to be expected. It is my lot in life because I am a Scorpio. Charlene

Dear Charlene,
I don't know who wrote those 'astrological forecasts' you have been reading but I can assure you it wasn't me! Nobody, regardless of what sign they were born under, ever experiences constant fairytale happiness in their love life. But it is absolutely not true to say that some signs are more blessed (or cursed) than others.

Tuesday May 14
Daydream Believer

Dear Jonathan,
You recently answered a reader's question about fate... but I feel a better term than fate may be 'life lessons'. Our life plan before we inhabit a physical body is decided before we incarnate. The planets provide the positive or negative energies that influence our actions. Bad experiences as well as good experiences provide us with deeper understanding of our lives. Probably the bad ones give us deeper understanding and actually end up as positive. Ian

Dear Ian,
Thanks for this. But how do you know? You're just telling me whatever you happen to believe. Aren't you?

Wednesday May 15
Which Path?

Dear Jonathan,
Is it possible to look at a person's birth chart and predict whether they are likely to become a sociopath? Matty

Dear Matty,
It is possible but you couldn't do it by looking at what celestial bodies were in which zodiac signs when someone was born. You'd be looking for a particular angles or 'aspects' between planets. And you'd have to be careful. A birth chart may reveal who is more likely to become a sociopath (or an extrovert, or a success, or an eccentric) but there's a big difference between 'being more likely' and being 'destined'.

Thursday May 16
Duckling: The Issue

Dear Jonathan,
I suspect that the secret to getting along with others is not 'treating others as you would like to be treated' but rather 'finding out how to treat them as they would like to be treated.' Ashley

Hi Jonathan,
In some of your forecasts recently, you referred to the Ugly Duckling story, pointing out that cygnets are actually beautiful. You're right. But the ugly duckling was considered 'ugly' because he inadvertently got mixed up with some baby ducks who considered him 'ugly' because he was 'different.' Leila

Dear Ashley,
Dear Leila, Thank you for making crucial distinctions!

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Friday May 17
Happiness and All That Jazz

Dear Jonathan,
In several forecasts for my sign recently, you've quoted a song about finding happiness 'back in your own backyard'. Last year, we moved into a flat. There's an outdoor space behind it that is neglected, overgrown and full of rubbish. I came home yesterday to find my boyfriend replacing the rotten picnic table. I cleaned up while he worked, then we sat and enjoyed a beautiful evening. Crystal

Dear Crystal,
I didn't mean that forecast to be taken literally but what a coincidence! Er... Al Jolson didn't spring up behind you both and start singing did he?

On Saturday, May 25, I'll be giving a talk in London at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival. If you'd like to come along click here

Saturday May 18
Your Week Ahead

Do you remember how I told you, some while ago, about a series of seven alignments, due to take place between 2012 and 2015. I explained that they were all connected, that they all involved repeats of a right angle between Uranus and Pluto that only happens once every 60 years or so. I compared this to the chiming of a bell, urging the world to wake up to new ideas and possibilities that force us all to rethink what life is all about! I'm delighted to confirm that the third of these cosmic chimes will ring out on Monday!

Sunday May 19
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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