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May 20 2013 to May 26 2013

Monday May 20
Copy That

In June last year I mentioned a rare, historic alignment between Uranus and Pluto. I said it was the first of seven such celestial standoffs, due between then and 2015. Today brings the third in the series. But as with all such momentous, developments, we astrologers wouldn't expect immediate drama. They're more an indication of 'slow, inexorable change.' But there's surely a link here to last week's announcement about the progress that's recently been made in the world of human cloning. We should also soon start to get some less controversial and more encouraging social, political and economic news.

Tuesday May 21
Born Again

I never believed in 'many lives' until I visited England in 1974 and, to my shock, recognised a house in Henley-in Arden I had once inhabited centuries back. I not only remember my tragic story there, I knew what the interior of the house was like. I even remember dying in this house and how that felt. I am 82 now, young at heart, and still living in Massachusetts. If someone had told me such a story when I was younger, I'd have said, 'Oh, that's what you believe'. But I know what I know! Elna

Wednesday May 22
Regression Suggestion Question

Dear Jonathan,
I wrote to you about life lessons that we plan for ourselves before we are born. You replied 'But how do you know? You're just telling me whatever you happen to believe.' I know from the records of 'past life regression practitioners' around the world who report consistent responses, regardless of faith or nationality. Ian

Dear Ian,

Sorry if I sounded terse last time. Please interpret my quizzical tone as a sign of cautious interest. And now, another question for you: How do we know these 'consistent reports' don't just reflect subtle suggestions, planted by those practitioners?

Thursday May 23
Get Away!

Hi Jonathan,
I recently eloped. My new wife and I were married on May 10. We didn't realise there was an eclipse at the time. We certainly felt it was auspicious when we found out, seeing as you always say its effects last a bit longer than the actual eclipse does! Just thought I'd share. Steph

Dear Steph,
Thanks for sharing. Yes it is auspicious. But hold on. Did you say 'elope'? Who elopes in the 21st century? And why? While I normally appreciate brief letters because otherwise I have to cut them to fit, please tell us more!

Friday May 24
Death Rattle

Dear Jonathan,
I live in India. An astrologer in whose abilities I have some confidence has predicted the time of my death. While it has not shaken me up greatly, I must ask, can astrology really predict such a thing? Dulali

Dear Dulali,
While there are subtle differences in technique between Western and Vedic astrology, the biggest difference is in attitude. My Indian colleagues are more inclined to ascribe charts with an ability to reveal more than any western astrologer would even think of looking for. But I still insist the answer to your question is, 'no it can't.'

Saturday May 25
Your Week Ahead

Weeks that begin with a Full Moon don't usually go on to bring more than a slow release of energy. Where else is there to go, after a grand finale or a spectacular crescendo... other than to a dignified silence? But this Full Moon is a little different... as is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that follows it. Here's new hope, fresh enthusiasm and delayed justice arriving in the nick of time. Here's adventure, discovery, even celebration. This is a week that, for everyone with a noble hope and an inspired vision, starts well and then gets better!

Sunday May 26
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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