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June 3 2013 to June 9 2013

Monday June 3
One Life

Dear Jonathan,
I find it interesting that so many people seem to have jumped to the conclusion that you have made some type of case against the possibility of reincarnation. I thought you were incredibly clear in your assertion that no one has the privilege of certainty regarding the afterlife and to make a decision based on this as if it were fact, would be an irresponsible action, especially for someone who has made a career out of helping people of all faiths and systems of belief. Astrology, by design, can only assist one life at a time. Joseph

Tuesday June 4
Time Passages

Hello Jonathan,
You shared a letter from a reader who felt time was speeding up. Some people say time seems to pass more slowly when we're having new experiences. Our focus on detail causes our perception of time to stretch. The older we get, the fewer new experiences we have, thus time seems faster. JB

Dear Jonathan,

When we are five, it takes 20 per cent of our life to date to see our sixth birthday. At 50, it takes only two per cent of our life to see 51. Two per cent is much smaller, so time seems to pass quicker. Chris

Wednesday June 5
Connecting With the Past

Dear Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from a reader, Steph, about his elopement. This sounds like a connection not merely of love but also of a past life. When we recognise something familiar in someone else it may be due to some previous existence. Maria

Dear Maria,
I know what you mean. When we first meet someone special, we often feel as if we have known them before or known them for ever. But I rather fear we're mixing up two strands of conversation here. Nothing else in Steph's elopement story touched on the topic of 'past life regression'.

Thursday June 6
Predicting Death

Dear Jonathan,
A reader explained that an astrologer had foreseen his own death. You replied, 'He might have lived longer if he didn't take his own prophecy so seriously'. Don't you take your own forecasts seriously? Millions of people who read them certainly do. So where is the difference? Anne

Dear Anne,
No astrologer, no matter how good, can make predictions on their own behalf with the same level of accuracy as when they make predictions for others. And no astrologer, no matter what they claim, truly has the power to foresee the date of anyone's death.

Friday June 7
Not for Prophet

Hi Jonathan,
An astrologer and two friends who read palms have told me much the same thing; that I may die over a particular two or three-year period, but if I survive, I will live another 12 years. I have decided to see this (mostly unsolicited) information as a warning to work fewer hours, even if it means less income, so I can enjoy the time I still have. Therese

Dear Therese,
I'm glad you're taking it easy but your so-called friends are reprehensibly unethical to push upon you 'prophecies' that they simply have no power to make.

Saturday June 8
Your Week Ahead

Look north-west just after sunset any evening this week. You'll see Venus blazing brightly, briefly, before she follows the Sun below the horizon. Over in the South, you can see Saturn which is due to stay visible for much more of the night. If you've ever heard astrologers talking about a 'trine' well, now you can see one. Just look from Venus to Saturn and that's the magical 120 degrees of harmonious separation. The angle isn't exact all week. But it remains close enough to warrant a prediction. For all with kind hearts, loyalty will soon be rewarded.

Sunday June 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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