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June 10 2013 to June 16 2013

Monday June 10
A Matter of Time

Hello Jonathan, I was surprised to see your reader say 'the older we get, the fewer new experiences we have.' I am a 56-year-old Cancerian and have had more new experiences in the last seven years than in the first 50. It is my hope and intention for this to continue. Joy

Hi Jonathan,
I find my experience of time in the morning is radically different than the afternoon or evening. The morning hours seem three or four times longer! Lilli

Dear Jonathan,
Time flies when one is having fun and goes slow when bored. Helene

Tuesday June 11

Hi Jonathan,
As you now seem to be taking an interest in past lives, maybe you can help. My problem is, I am stuck in this past life and would like to return to 2185 where I am actually meant to be. Something went wrong when, in 2185, I had a past-life regression session with a therapist from the Cainer Corporation. I must admit I was sceptical and went along only because someone gave me a gift voucher. I gather that you are (or were) the founder of that multinational organisation. Can you help me get home? Philip

Wednesday June 12
Catty Matty

Dear Jonathan,
I have a (mostly) good relationship with both my former husbands. On May 19, they each lost their cats after short illnesses. I hope I didn't put a jinx on them! Matty

Dear Matty
I normally pride myself on knowing how to answer readers' questions. But here, I'm stumped. You go on to say that both men have different dates of birth so they can't be experiencing identical astrological influences. I'm quite sure you wouldn't / couldn't / didn't jinx anyone. But that's the oddest coincidence I've come across all year so far. Does anyone else have one to match it?

Thursday June 13

Hi Jonathan,
American comedian, George Burns made many jokes about old age. He even wrote a book, How To Live To Be 100. And he lived to be 100. I wonder how long he would have lived if he had entitled his book, How To Live To Be 106? Jeff

Hi Jonathan,
I'm a palm reader. It is sad that some of my fellow palm readers do not fully understand their craft. A gap, mark or break on a life line may mean a rough time not death. Many people with long life lines die at a young age. Jo

Friday June 14
Square Deals

Hi Jonathan,
Recently, I have noticed more and more of my friends are getting stressed as their relationships fall apart. And it is not just my friends. Friends of my friends are suffering too. Is it to do with last year's galactic alignment? Should we blame the series of seven right angles from Uranus to Pluto? I fear we may all spontaneously combust from the tension! Barbara

Dear Barbara,
I think the most likely culprit is that series of seven squares. But the angst, though widespread, is neither universal nor incurable. Events later this year bring a lighter mood.

Saturday June 15
Your Week Ahead

Earlier this month, if you looked where the Sun had just set, you'd have seen Jupiter glowing on the horizon with Venus above it. Venus is still shining at sunset but now Jupiter has moved so much closer to the Sun that you can't see it any more by day or night. The ancients insisted that the annual conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter was a most fortuitous astrological event, even if it was invariably invisible! Hopefully, this week, we'll see how right they were. Wherever anything truly deserves to go well, there's a high chance that it will!

Sunday June 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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