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June 17 2013 to June 23 2013

Monday June 17
Super Moonstice

Hi Jonathan,
What should we expect from the Supermoon on June 23? It is very close to the Solstice. That sounds a bit 'wow' to me. Sharon

Hi Sharon,
A Supermoon is when a Full Moon occurs at a point in its orbit that takes it closer to Earth than usual, making it look bigger and brighter and astrologers find people are more emotionally expressive at such times. A Solstice is when the Sun rises from the same point on the horizon for three days running. It suggests a 'turning point'. There's definitely potential for some 'wow' this weekend.

Tuesday June 18
Best Interpretation

Dear Jonathan,
As I am Indian, along with your predictions, I follow Indian astrology. According to this, the forthcoming transition of Jupiter is not the best for me as a Pisces. Geetha

Dear Geetha,
Vedic tradition uses sidereal astrology, where the signs are measured differently. If the astrologer you follow gives June 25/26 as the date of the Jupiter transition, you are not 'following Indian astrology'. You are reading the opinion of an astrologer who uses the same methods that I use. So I feel entitled to argue! This 'not the best' interpretation is, er, not the best!

Wednesday June 19

Hi Jonathan,
I understand that around June 25, for the first time since 2002, Jupiter returns to my sign for about a year. Isn't this supposed to mean good news for Cancerians? Having obtained previous dates for this cycle, I note that, although big changes came, they then fell apart. For example, in 1977 I met my first great love who later dumped me. In 1989 I got married but eight months later it fell apart. Claire

Dear Claire,
Jupiter in Cancer simply signifies the power to make great gains... plus the power to rise elegantly to life's challenges.

Thursday June 20
Stress Relief

Over the next few days, as you may have gathered if you've been paying close attention, we get the Solstice, the Supermoon and the annual transition of Jupiter into a new sector of the zodiac. Any one of these would warrant, on its own, much excitement. Though they all ultimately point to 'release and relief' they imply it happening in different ways, to different signs, for different reasons. The moment just prior to any big astrological opportunity of this kind often brings tension and apprehension. But, even if life seems stressful now, don't assume things are due to carry on this way!

Friday June 21

Dear Jonathan,
You recently asked for strange coincidences. I ran into a guy that I had broken off with a year before. He was sitting in a bar, looking at his phone when I saw him. I grabbed my friend and darted out! We went to a nearby cafe where I noticed my phone had texted him some gibberish on its own. He had replied. My phone had texted twice again with more gibberish. When I looked at the time of my original text, it was at the moment when I saw him looking at his phone! Jackie.

Saturday June 22
Your Week Ahead

This week brings a rare Supermoon Solstice. The Moon's complicated orbit means it can be nearer to (or further from) us by about 30,000 miles. When it is at Perigee (closest to the Earth) it can appear up to 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. Some people link this to volcanoes and earthquakes. I wouldn't go so far, but I do predict that some suppressed passions may erupt. And given that, at Solstice, many emotional processes seem to reach a standstill before changing direction, some folk may yet end up feeling as if the earth has moved for them!

Sunday June 23
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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