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July 1 2013 to July 7 2013

Monday July 1
Post Mortem

Since I opened Twitter and Facebook accounts, I have had to get used to messages from people asking difficult questions. The most challenging ones usually involve people who have read something on a website somewhere and now want to know whether I agree with whichever astrologer says that such and such a date will be particularly bad... or good. While I can happily concur with respected colleagues who are trained in the same disciplines that I practise, I can't just automatically agree with anyone who posts anything on the internet! Tomorrow, I'll share a letter that illustrates that dilemma.

Tuesday July 2
Convergence Coming

Hello Jonathan,
I'm curious about The Harmonic Convergence later this month. Can you tell us more about the planetary alignments due then and how we should prepare for these? Bhavna

Dear Bhavna,

During the last Harmonic Convergence, in 1987, I remember being impressed by the way some people had made so much out of astrological alignments that were only slightly unusual. If your letter had not arrived while I was at Glastonbury Festival, I might have just explained why the reservations I had then still apply. But I'd like to say something more positive. So tomorrow, I will.

Wednesday July 3
Prepare to be Aware

Back in 1987, a series of impressive 'grand trines' were being formed between various planets. These positive alignments, all happening at much the same time, inspired some people to declare it a Harmonic Convergence. The idea was to get 144,000 people to visit sacred ancient locations around the globe and pray simultaneously for world peace and higher collective consciousness. Did it work? Well, peace may still seem as elusive as ever but many of us might testify to 'growth' in our own understanding and awareness of life over recent years. Towards the end of this month, similar alignments occur.

Thursday July 4
All Together Now

Sometimes, in my replies to reader's letters, I express doubt about various beliefs. I then get more letters from people who argue that as an ambassador for a 'fringe belief', I should be more sympathetic to other unconventional ideas. I take their point. Some positive astrological alignments later this month, have been called a Harmonic Convergence that could change the world if we then all pray for peace. I'm not sure they're strong enough to justify such hyperbole. But on the grounds that it can't harm to support any movement that brings hearts together, I'm putting my reservations aside.

Friday July 5
Magic Moments

The more I look at the alignments that comprise the forthcoming Harmonic Convergence, the more I see why my fellow astrologers are getting excited. There are powerful forces at work in the sky and, whilst these may not be quite as exceptional or historic as, for example, the series of seven right-angles between Uranus and Pluto or the comet that is due to appear later this year, they nonetheless promise a significant amount of magic. Some good things can naturally happen and more good things can be made to happen. We are fast approaching the onset of this influence.

Saturday July 6
Your Week Ahead

We enter this week under the combined influence of the Dark of the Moon and a stationary Saturn. That's intense, especially if you're a sensitive soul. The cosmic climate is now seemingly more favourable to those with strong defence mechanisms and fierce personalities. But even if the meek and mild are being pushed aside once more, we would be wrong to assume that they're now due to lose every battle. There will yet come a turning point soon, where more justice is done and life's 'nice guys' no longer come out on the raw end of too many deals.

Sunday July 7
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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