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July 15 2013 to July 21 2013

Monday July 15
Mean Time

'The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.' This quote is often attributed to Mark Twain but it can be traced back to a letter written by Benjamin Franklin. It's a neat saying, but actually, there is another certainty. Any astrologer (or astronomer) can tell you where any of the planets will be in the sky next month, next year or next century. Indeed, the real difference between an astronomer and an astrologer is that while both can provide this information, the astronomer will say it means nothing while the astrologer will read great meaning into it.

Tuesday July 16
Light Instruction

I'd like to say a little more today about the difference between the way an astronomer looks at the sky and the way that an astrologer sees it. We're both studying the same heavenly bodies in the same positions but astrologers see these as symbols that always mean something. If, for example, the sky were a road with traffic lights, the astronomer might say, 'That's interesting, there's a light emitting a wavelength between 740-625 nm on the colour spectrum'. But an astrologer would say, 'There's a red light, telling drivers to stop and wait!' More on this tomorrow.

Wednesday July 17
Well Meaning

In daily life, we are forever following signs and symbols. If, for example, we see two public conveniences, one with an image of a gentleman on the door and one depicting a lady, most of us wouldn't dream of entering the 'wrong room'. Even if we knew it would be empty and we'd be sure to find similar facilities in either place, we'd feel strange about defying the implied instruction. Astronomers say to astrologers 'How can you read meaning into the fact that this planet is here rather than there?' Astrologers say to astronomers, 'How can you ignore it?'

Thursday July 18
Beyond Belief

I've been talking, recently, about how we all interact with symbols. Some of the world's most powerful symbols are printed on pieces of paper in your wallet. Really, these only mean anything because we agree to believe that they do! Yet how do you dismiss a belief that is so powerful and widespread? Scientists are right to point out that there's a big element of belief in astrology. But isn't their belief that it is 'just a belief' also just a belief! A rare Harmonic Convergence is now forming in the sky. We astrologers believe it promises wonderful things.

Friday July 19
Perfect Harmony

This is not just an auspicious time for new arrivals on the planet, it is a fine time to strike deals, make arrangements, launch new projects and embark on creative enterprises. The Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn is rare and powerful, especially as it also involves a conjunction of Jupiter and Mars. These, together with other inspiring astrological alignments, are part of what some people are calling a Harmonic Convergence. When I first heard this described as a chance to heal the world, I raised an eyebrow. But I'm now officially joining in with the popular enthusiasm!

Saturday July 20
Your Week Ahead

This week brings what some astrologers are calling a Harmonic Convergence. For a few days recently, we've had a rare Grand Trine taking place between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. That, in itself, is auspicious. Now, as the trine culminates, Mars forms a conjunction to Jupiter, Venus forms a harmonious alignment to Saturn and there's a beautiful Full Moon. It is as if the planets are sending a message. 'Dear People of Earth, do you have some special hopes and wishes? Please focus on your most noble aspirations and we'll do all we can to help them come to fulfilment!'

Sunday July 21
Your Week Ahead - Love Forecast

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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