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January 14 2013 to January 20 2013

Monday January 14
Betelgeuse Mania

Last year I answered many questions from people who were worried about whether the world was about to end. I remember wondering what the doom-mongers would preoccupy themselves with once we got safely past the change in the Mayan calendar and the so called 'galactic alignment' of December 21. They bounced back surprisingly quickly. Already, this year, I've had several letters expressing concern about the star Betelgeuse which could explode into a supernova at 'any moment'. So here's another prediction. That 'any moment' is still several centuries away. When it happens, it will be spectacular, not life threatening.

Tuesday January 15
Born Free

Dear Jonathan,
I am nine months pregnant and have elected for a caesarian section but the doctor has given me a choice. If I elect for an earlier date my baby will be Capricorn, if I wait until the due date or after my baby will be Aquarius. How does my ability to influence my child's sun sign affect her destiny? Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,
Relax! Whatever you choose, you will always wonder whether you should have chosen differently. And yet you will also always know that whatever you chose was right and perfect, regardless of why you chose it.

Wednesday January 16
Times of the Signs

Yesterday, I answered a letter from Carolyn who is nine months pregnant. If she has her baby this week, it will be a Capricorn. If she waits till next week, she gets an Aquarian. The child is due to be born by a caesarian section operation and her doctor has asked when she wants this. Several people have expressed surprise that I gave such an open-ended answer. But then she didn't ask which sign would be 'best' (there's no answer to that!), she asked how this would affect the child's destiny. There is no simple answer to that either!

Thursday January 17
Shop Talk

Dear Jonathan,
Even though the current economic climate seems dire I yearn to open a shop. I know what I want to sell and have sounded out prospective customers but am unsure what to call my company. Sorry if this sounds trivial but 'what's in a name?'
Kindest regards, Jane

Dear Jane,
Some businesses with great names fail. Others with terrible titles flourish. It's not 'what's in the name' it's 'what's in the plan?' The current climate is bad for traditional enterprises but it's potentially great for new projects. Just never gamble more than you are willing to lose.

Friday January 18
Bath Time

In Allahabad, India, a giant festival is being held near the point where the river Yamuna meets the Ganges. The Kumbh Mela has been taking place every 12 years for at least 3,000 years. The dates are chosen according to the astrological cycles of Jupiter and the Sun. I'm not personally inspired by the idea of sharing a bath with up to 100 million people. But I'm even more uncomfortable about recent developments in Mali. Officials are talking about a limited engagement; yet the current cosmic climate suggests that conflicts entered into now will prove very hard to win.

Saturday January 19
Your Week Ahead

Chinese New Year is 'late' this year. It is always triggered by the annual New Moon in Aquarius and in 2013, that doesn't happen till February 10. Meanwhile, this week, the waxing Moon will offer those with binoculars a good chance to see Tycho and Copernicus, two of her most impressive craters. If you do borrow some glasses, look out also for Jupiter, an hour or two before midnight, against the visible constellation of Taurus in the sector of the ecliptic that astrologers call Gemini. With a little Jupiterian luck you'll see the great 'red spot'.

Sunday January 20
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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