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July 29 2013 to August 4 2013

Monday July 29
Table Service

Though the cosmic climate remains auspicious. I should explain that today's six-pointed star-shaped pattern is not something you can look up and see. It only becomes visible when you plot heavenly positions against a diagram of the zodiac. This is the same technique we astrologers use when casting birth charts. We can't use our eyes to see below the horizon! We must refer to astronomical tables. We need those same tables to see what's above us if it happens to be a cloudy night... or if it is daytime, when the Sun's light drowns out all else.

Tuesday July 30

Hi Jonathan,
In your astrological opinion is it likely that the new royal arrival may be Diana in a new incarnation? Ivo

Dear Ivo,
It is not for me to say whether re-incarnation happens in the way that many people imagine. Nor even for me to say whether it happens at all. But I do strongly feel that the possibility of re-incarnation is often an excuse for not making the most of the life we actually have. And it could be very damaging for any child to grow up with adults projecting such an assumption on to them.

Wednesday July 31
Talking Book

My tour of the festival circuit took me, last weekend, to the Secret Garden Party festival in Cambridgeshire. I gave one of my improvised talks in a small but busy tent but, as they had only allocated 45 minutes, I had to condense many points. The more I cut my material down, the more I realised that I could just as easily expand on it enormously. I've got so much to say about what astrology is, how it originated and how more people could get more benefit from it. I'm wondering if it is time to write a book.

Thursday August 1
Very Superstitious

As well as giving a talk at a festival last weekend, I joined a panel in a debate about superstition. I've never really categorised astrology in this way. I concede it qualifies. My subject is in good company. You could argue that all the world's religions come under this heading. Indeed, many global cultural and social frameworks are based only on 'widely held beliefs'. Under fire from skeptics, I shot a question back. If mystical forces can only be considered valid if they are 'fully provable', where does that leave subjective human experiences like, for example, love?

Friday August 2
Notional Positions

Whenever scientists announce the discovery of new planets in other solar systems, people ask if this will make a difference to their horoscopes. But astrologers make predictions using only the objects within our solar system. We're interested in what we can see with our own eyes. Or at least, what we 'ought to be able to see'. The weather doesn't always help. Sometimes too, a planet may be up in the day when its light is drowned out by the Sun. So we're happy to work with 'notional positions'. But still, we traditionally draw the line just past Pluto.

Saturday August 3
Your August Monthly Forecast

This month I've prepared your August forecast with the help of Oscar Cainer, my nephew, who has been diligently studying the art for some years now. I consider him a very gifted astrologer and I have been giving him special instruction in the principles by which I work when writing Sun sign predictions. Together we have identified the forecast that is right for you today with reference to the huge library of predictions that I have compiled over the past 30 years. I am confident that the August prediction that he and I present for you today will be accurate and relevant and I hope you enjoy the extra special touch that having him on board brings.

Sunday August 4
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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