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August 5 2013 to August 11 2013

Monday August 5
All Eyes on Ison

For months now, people have been getting excited about Comet Ison. Some astronomers expect that, by November, it could even be as bright as the Moon, and visible sometimes, by day. Nobody in the modern world has ever seen anything like that. But now some experts are turning pessimistic. After brightening rapidly for a while, the comet has stopped gaining intensity at such a dramatic rate. This might be because it is breaking up or there could be several other reasons, none of which would stop it putting on the show of the century. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday August 6

There are several planets visible in the sky each night now but if you want to see most of them, you've either got to stay up very late or wake up early. Saturn is visible just after sunset but it is just before sunrise that you are most likely to spot Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Venus too is theoretically available to view at this hour but even when it is up, it is very low down. When celestial bodies rise this close to the dawn, astrologers see them as acting on our unconscious, whispering to us through our dreams!

Wednesday August 7
Facebook Recognition

Since I dragged myself into the 21st century and started a Facebook page, I've been getting messages from people all over the world. Recently I heard from a chap who wanted to know what sign he was. I assumed he meant that he was born on one of the days of the year when the Sun changes sign and was seeking clarification. So I directed him to the page on my website that helps anyone who wants to check this but after further correspondence, I realised that he had a different problem. I'll tell you more about this tomorrow.

Thursday August 8
Horary Story

I recently got a Facebook message from a chap who wanted to know what sign he was. Eventually, I realised he didn't know his day or even his month of birth. He lives in a country that doesn't issue birth certificates! I felt powerless until I remembered that once this problem was common, even in the West. Most astrologers practised something called horary astrology. If a client needed an answer, we'd draw up a chart for the moment they came to us and asked the question. It used to work surprisingly well. Maybe it is time to revive that art!

Friday August 9
Hurrah for Campbell

Hi Jonathan,
You recently wrote about the conflict between those who believe in astrology and those who believe in empirical science. This made me want to share some comments from the author Joseph Campbell who said, 'Wherever the poetry of myth is interpreted as biography, history, or science... the life goes out of it.'Jeff

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for that. Anything that contains an element of subjectivity conflicts with empiricism too. Nobody can provide proof of the relevance of art, the experience of love or the existence of spirituality! But nor can these vital things be 'explained away'.

Saturday August 10
Your Week Ahead

Some weeks are dominated by planetary patterns formed by the slow-moving outer planets. These affect us all, in one way or another and the influence can last quite some while. At other times, the big news can involve some passing alignment that provides a brief flash of inspiration or recognition. Yet if we're all due to have a memorable experience of that kind, it can still have a lasting effect. Take, for example, this week's harmonious trine between Mercury and Uranus. No matter what sign you are, expect a sudden revelation that potentially alters everything... for the better!

Sunday August 11
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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