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August 12 2013 to August 18 2013

Monday August 12
Wish Upon a Shooting Star

There were shooting stars last night. They may still be visible tonight. Planet Earth is a bit like a painted horse on some giant roundabout. It takes a year for the ride to complete one rotation. At this time of year, every year, we pass through a section of sky crowded with fragments of space rock. For a couple of nights in a row, these 'Perseids' burn up brightly, briefly, as they collide with our atmosphere. That's the astronomy of the situation. The astrology is simpler. Look out for those streaks of light. Each is worthy of a wish!

Tuesday August 13
Pole Position

Dear Jonathan,
NASA is saying that the Sun is due to change polarity for the first time in eleven years. They expect it to produce stormy weather. Do you think it will change people's lives too? CJ

Hi Jonathan!
What do you predict regarding the astrological effects of the sun's magnetic flip? Cherylann

Hi Cherylann, CJ and all who have written to ask me about this.
I don't predict that it will wreak havoc but I do think it possible that, under such conditions, many people with strongly 'polarised views' may start to change their minds about certain matters!.

Wednesday August 14
Polarity Clarity

I have been considering the news that, like a battery changing the way it holds its charge, the Sun's magnetic field will soon flip over. There is nothing to fear. It happens every eleven years or so. Yet my predecessors left no instructions in their textbooks about how to interpret such an event - because they were unaware of it. The challenge for a modern astrologer is to understand the implication for us all. We must begin by tracing the history of the event and look to see what happened in the world at those times. More on this tomorrow.

Thursday August 15
Flip Charting

Hi Jonathan,
I study astrology too and wondered what your thoughts were on the astrological meaning of the magnetic flip that's about to happen to the Sun's poles? This occurs every 11 years so there should be some history to draw from but I can't track it down. One website said the last shift was April 2001 but that's over 11 years ago. Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,
I'm also having a struggle. My information so far, suggests scientists have only been aware of this since 1976 and the last flip was in 2000. If anyone knows more, please write in.

Friday August 16
Time of our Lives

I am surprised at your lack of knowledge about horary charts in the Vedic system. I was amused when you announced that this practice was common 'even in the West'. You would serve your readers better to give credit where it is due instead of resetting the timeline of ancient knowledge in the 'West'. Jatin

Dear Jatin,
Horary charts are part of 'Western' and 'Eastern' traditions alike. I wasn't trying to imply that either system is better. I simply wanted to highlight how, in some countries even today, many people have no record of when they were born.

Saturday August 17
Your Week Ahead

The phrase 'Blue Moon' is often used to describe the second of two Full Moons in a calendar month. But it could apply to the times when we get two full moons in the same zodiac month. This week's Full Moon qualifies for yet another reason. Normally, we get three Full Moons between a Solstice and an Equinox. But in this particular season, there are four. We're slowly building up to the third moon which, by tradition, is always considered to be the blue one! So if you're hoping for the kind of magic that only happens once in a blue moon, your hope may yet be fulfilled!

Sunday August 18
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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