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August 19 2013 to August 25 2013

Monday August 19
See Saw

In every language, some words have more than one meaning. In English, for example, 'saw' can be the past tense of 'see' or it may suggest cutting with a serrated blade. We add clarification through context and grammar. So 'I saw the tree' suggests I witnessed the existence of the tree while 'I will saw the tree' suggests a more intrusive intention. Not all languages are verbal. Music is a language of notes and tones. Astrology is also a language. The planets and zodiac signs are perhaps best thought of as words with many meanings. I'll explain more tomorrow.

Tuesday August 20

The planets and signs in astrology are best thought of as words with several meanings. The art of an astrologer is to decipher the code, taking clues from where the planets are and which angles they form to each other. Jupiter, for example, may suggest jollity or justice depending on the cosmic context. It often also suggests 'amplification' or 'increase'. The planet Uranus is associated with innovation and surprise. When these two planets are in an alignment, we might interpret this as 'a big surprise' or a 'rising trend of change'. The two are in alignment now. More tomorrow.

Wednesday August 21
Blue Moon

This week, I've been talking about how astrologers read meaning into planetary alignments. Last night's Full Moon, for example, was in Aquarius. Full Moons suggest powerful passions. Aquarius implies the triumph of intellect over emotion. So we might expect a Full Moon in Aquarius to awaken feelings so deep that they cannot be explained away. Currently too, there's a right angle between Jupiter and Uranus. Right angles imply 'events'. Jupiter implies 'big'. Uranus implies 'rebellion or revolution'. So, there's one of the ways to read the cosmic climate. But the language of astrology is not always straightforward, as I'll explain tomorrow.

Thursday August 22

Jupiter, as I explained earlier this week, is a traditional symbol of judgement and justice. Yet when it occasionally forms a tense alignment to some other planet, it can also suggest a tendency to claim the moral high ground even when making choices that are morally indefensible. The current right angle between Jupiter and Uranus is a case in point, especially when we consider how that latter planet is often implicated in clashes between those who represent the establishment and those who seek social change. So, could astrologers have foreseen the tragedies in Egypt? I will say more tomorrow.

Friday August 23

In past centuries, astrologers were prone to make fatalistic predictions. These days, there's a swing away from doom-mongering which may explain why few foresaw recent dreadful developments in Egypt. Nonetheless, the right angle between Jupiter and Uranus could have been read as an indication, especially as Uranus itself is now forming seven successive right angles to Pluto. These have coincided, almost uncannily so far, with protests and elections there. So the clues were all there. They still are. A traditional horoscopist might predict at least two more years of trouble. I'm more inclined to say, there is always hope.

Saturday August 24
Your Week Ahead

This week, just after sunset, Venus shines brightly, briefly before sinking below the horizon. Some hours later, early risers will see several planets rising before the dawn. Of these, the brightest will be Jupiter. The current positions of Venus and Jupiter are at right angles to one another along the ecliptic. There's no obvious way to detect this. It only becomes clear when you chart those planetary placements. But we who read meaning into the heavenly angles follow a tradition that says when Jupiter and Venus are 'in square' or 'at right angles' powerful, passionate impulses are often unleashed.

Sunday August 25
Week Ahead - Love Focus

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