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September 2 2013 to September 8 2013

Monday September 2
Bronzed Off

After visiting Loch Ness, I explored the Corrimony Cairn near Drumnadrochit, a burial chamber surrounded by a small circle of standing stones. Although it is empty and at least 4,000 years old, I entered on my hands and knees, partly out of respect and partly because it is a 'passage cairn' so the only way in (or out) is by crawling. Experts think the original 'occupant' was female. Presumably, given the effort made to honour her, a queen. For a few magical moments, I got a sense of how things felt for people living in a bronze age matriarchy.

Tuesday September 3
Monster Sink

When I went to Scotland, last week, I knew I'd be asked about the legendary water horse of Loch Ness. I went out to look for it, of course. I've never been there before and have always been fascinated. Secretly, though, I was rather hoping there would be nothing to report. I raise enough cynical eyebrows when I tell people that the positions of the planets are linked to our lives. If I found myself obliged to defend the Loch Ness Monster too, I'd never get any peace! But something strange actually did happen... as I shall explain tomorrow.

Wednesday September 4
Monster Mystery

I didn't see the Loch Ness Monster on my recent trip to Scotland. When people asked, I'd explain, 'And I didn't really want to, either. It's bad enough being an astrologer without gaining a reputation for being a man who sees mythical creatures.' Several friends said 'Well, that explains it! You didn't see it because you didn't want to see it!' They may be right. I'm beginning to regret my reluctance. Not least because I now discover that less than 24 hours after my visit, the first official sighting since 2011 was reported! Perhaps Nessie was looking for me!

Thursday September 5
Yes and No

Hello Jonathan,
Is global warming real, and is the corporate establishment in America having this contradicted out of sheer disregard for consequences? Is there a chance of the US dollar melting down due to overprinting, or are other shocks possible, like bank ATMs going 'dark' because the US tries to avoid runs on its banks? Harendra

Dear Harendra,
Yes, global warming is real and yes, too, some people don't want to believe this... but I predict the world will wake up and take action just in time. No the dollar won't melt and no the ATMs won't go dark.

Friday September 6
Seeing in the Dark

Though your diary may insist that the New Moon has been and gone, you won't see a New Moon in the sky till later this weekend. For now at least we're still in the 'special, magical phase when there's no Moon visible. The ancients considered these few days of the month significant because they revealed something hidden. Moonlight may be soft but it drowns out starlight, especially from stars near the Moon. And the old belief goes that during this Dark Of The Moon our psychic powers increase too. We all become more able to see a little further.

Saturday September 7
Your Week Ahead

Mercury, this week, moves into Libra just as Venus moves out. This implies economic upturn for Virgo and Libra, adventure for Gemini and a new deal for Taurus. It may also suggest creative inspiration for Scorpio, though Mars, this week, forms a right angle to Saturn, then an awkward alignment to Pluto - so for Scorpio (and Aries too) the outlook is 'mixed'. Capricorn and Aquarius face deadlines, Leos too, are under time pressure. Links, meanwhile, from Mercury to Jupiter bode well for Piscean trade and Sagittarian success. And Jupiter's ongoing presence in the crab is good for all Cancerians.

Sunday September 8
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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