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September 16 2013 to September 22 2013

Monday September 16
Bringing Home the Beacon

Dear Jonathan,
How can we see so many galaxies with the Hubble Telescope and predict the movement of planets with such accuracy but still be unsure about the movement of Comet Ison? I gather it has been tracked by scientists in ten countries since last September but we still have little information about its course. Mark

Dear Mark,
We have plenty of information about the course it is following, which part of the sky it will be in and when. The only 'unknown' is whether it will blaze like a beacon or be a bit of a damp squib.

Tuesday September 17
Interstellar Voyage

Astronomers would never dream of reading meaning into the positions of the planets. To their scorn and disbelief, this is something only astrologers do. But astrologers deeply respect astronomy. If we did not have full knowledge of those planetary positions we couldn't interpret them! Currently, all with an interest in the heavens are thrilled because, 36 years after its launch, The Voyager 1 spacecraft has left our solar system, becoming the first object of earthly origin ever to enter interstellar space. I defy anyone, astrologer or astronomer alike, not to read at least a little cosmic meaning into this!

Wednesday September 18
Moon Magick

Though the Moon is not yet officially full, it is bright and big enough to qualify as an intense influence. Werewolves can consider themselves entitled to start sprouting hairs. According to the Transylvanian laws of vampiric etiquette, the descendants of Dracula are now at liberty to emerge from their coffins. Practitioners of magick may now turn up the heat under their cauldrons and start stirring whilst incanting their spells. And the rest of us? Somewhat less excitingly, we should be on the lookout for unnecessarily sharp encounters which are easily diffused with gentle gestures.

Thursday September 19
The Full Moonty

Whilst I was really just joking yesterday when I wrote about werewolves, vampires and cauldron-stirring spell-casters, we often feel a need, at Full Moon, to let out more of our true selves, to reject boundaries and barriers that normally keep us in check and to feel more aware of hidden magic. All Full Moons are powerful but when a Full Moon falls quite so close to the equinox, there's a strong celestial suggestion of 'recalibration'. Individually and collectively, we're growing aware of imbalances that may need rectifying and complications that could be simplified with surprising ease.

Friday September 20
Lonely as a Crowd

Dear Jonathan
I'm only 18 and every day I have moments in the darkness when I realise no one is there or will ever understand me. I'm okay. I always am. And I know I will be. But I wonder, do we choose loneliness or does it choose us? Donna

Dear Donna,

Loneliness is, I suspect, a part of the human condition! Some of us lead lives that usually provide plenty to distract us from it. Others face and accept it with the kind of raw courage found only in poets. But, in experiencing this, you are not alone!

Saturday September 21
Your Week Ahead

The Equinox famously inspires an impulse to equalise, organise, clarify and clean. It inspires some people to sort out mess in their homes and others to start giving up old bad habits. If you've been thinking, for some while, about moving on from the past, breaking free from an addiction or making sense of an overly complicated arrangement, this may be your moment to pursue such a goal. It doesn't much matter what sign you are; the equinox symbolises a better balance between the light of understanding and the shadow of delusion. Appropriately enough, it affects us all equally!

Sunday September 22
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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