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September 23 2013 to September 29 2013

Monday September 23

Dear Jonathan,
Do you think Comet Ison has been disappointing because of the shift in the solar poles? There is a theory about the electric universe that says the effects on comets are caused by the Sun's electric field. I think it was Tesla's theory. Rob

Dear Rob,
Comet Ison has not yet had a chance to prove itself disappointing or otherwise. We must wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. And all I know about Nikola Tesla was that he was a scientific pioneer whose ideas are still inspiring many visionaries and aggravating conventional thinkers.

Tuesday September 24
Balancing Act

Twice a year, we arrive at the equinox, when days and nights are of equal length. This is not so much a single moment in time as a phase, extending a week or two either side of the main date. So the world is still blessed by an equinoctial atmosphere that will pervade till early October. All of which means if you've still got a balancing act to perform, a complicated arrangement to simplify, a messy situation to clear up or a need to declutter any area of your world that's too full of too much, there's still time!

Wednesday September 25
Horoscopes Inc

Whenever any of us look into the future, we don't have to project too far ahead before we envisage a bridge that we will 'have to cross when we get to it'. Astrology is not a really way to remove such moments from our lives. It is more a way to psychologically prepare ourselves for these times by understanding the options that they may be about to present us with. A horoscope is perhaps best thought of as an artist's pencil sketch. It shows the guidelines which, as we live out our lives, we either alter or 'ink in'.

Thursday September 26
Conflict Resolution

Whenever we hear news of something dreadful happening around the globe, we have intense reactions. We empathise with victims and their relatives. Then, when we can hardly bear to dwell on the matter any more, we ask. 'How have such conflicts arisen?' and 'Why does the world seem to be getting worse?' But, from an astrologer's perspective, it isn't. We are just hearing more news from more places whilst inwardly evolving to become more sensitive. The road from here to the future will soon lead to safer territory. Coming cosmic events may yet hasten the pace of positive change.

Friday September 27
Peace in our Time

Once in a while, I get asked to mention particular dates and times when we are all invited to join a meditation or prayer for global healing. I'm happy to publicise such events, though I'm often surprised that few of those moments seem to have been chosen by astrology. But then, I also wonder why it matters whether such gestures are spontaneous or planned. What's clear is that an ever-growing number of people yearn for world peace. Despite all that we're seeing in the news right now, I foresee a real possibility that we may yet get it.

Saturday September 28
Your October Monthly Forecast

We are still more than a month away from the next in the series of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto. The first was in June 2012. We've had two more since then and the fourth comes up in November. So why mention it now? Because in astrology, the weeks just prior to an alignment always prove most powerful. If October shows you that you can no longer trust promises and principles that once seemed sacrosanct, the alignment is working its magic. Around the globe, people are escaping repressive aspects of the past and redefining values in glorious ways.

Sunday September 29
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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