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January 21 2013 to January 27 2013

Monday January 21
Conceive or Breathe

Hi Jonathan,
A pregnant lady wrote in about a Caesarian section operation letting her choose her baby's Sun sign. It makes no sense to suggest it will have different traits dependent on how long the birth is delayed. The baby is fully formed in the womb. Medically and scientifically the child's blueprint is set at the moment of conception. Graham

Dear Graham,
You mean 'genetic determinism'? Epigenetic biologists might disagree with you here to some extent. Astrologers, meanwhile, believe that the mystical energy of the moment you draw your first independent breath resonates through the rest of your life.

Tuesday January 22
Age of Aquarius

Dear Jonathan,
That lady who asked you about whether to have a Capricorn or an Aquarian baby should consider which sign agrees better with her own! Claudia

Dear Claudia,
I love and admire all signs equally. I couldn't do my job if I didn't! I know some people have preferences but it's possible for anyone of any sign to get along with any other sign if only they make a little effort. And is it really right to choose for your child according to what might suit you best? Anyway, by now, it's academic! Only Aquarians are being born this week.

Wednesday January 23
Launch Time

Dear Jonathan,
You recently printed a letter from Jane, asking about the name of her new business. I don't believe you answered Jane's question very well. There is just as much importance to a business name as there is when you name a child. Feeling good about your business name is a must! Laurie

Dear Laurie,
I agree with you about that. But from an astrologer's point of view, more important than what you choose to call a business is when you choose to officially launch it... and thus the 'birth chart' that you then effectively confer upon it.

Thursday January 24
Junior Choice

Last week, we heard from a reader who had effectively been given the chance to choose her baby's zodiac sign. I suggested it made no difference. But yesterday, referring to another reader's question I said 'more important than what you call a business is when you choose to launch it'. That's not really a contradiction. When launching an enterprise, picking the right astrological moment can confer an enormous advantage. But no human is ever born at the wrong moment. All birth charts contain challenges and opportunities. Astrologers must simply try to understand them, rather than help to engineer them!

Friday January 25
Perfect Timing

It's fine to let astrology help you choose the best moment to launch a business. So why is it not OK to 'engineer' the birth time of a child? That question has come up several times this week. We know exactly what kind of future we want an enterprise to have. But none of us has the right to be quite so coldly precise about what we want our children to turn into. Another question that cropped up recently was, 'Why work with the moment of birth, why not chart the moment of conception?' I'll tackle this on Monday.

Saturday January 26
Your Week Ahead

Two exciting developments take place this week. The first is a glorious Full Moon, stirring up excitement and drama all over the world. The second will really be apparent only to keen astronomers. If you've been watching Jupiter, shining brightly around the midnight hour and if you've been tracking its movements very carefully, you'll see that it is staying in the same relative position all this week. It is 'stationary' as it ends a retrograde phase and prepares to move 'direct' once more. The symbolic implication involves the 'release' of a generous spirit into the hearts and minds of millions.

Sunday January 27
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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