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September 30 2013 to October 6 2013

Monday September 30
Counting Sleep

My congratulations to the team of Swiss scientists who recently declared they had proof that people don't sleep so well when the Moon is full. This, they say, is nothing to do with the moonlight. Even in completely darkened rooms, their subjects took longer to drop off and then got less rest. Astrologers could, of course, have saved them the effort. But some scientists can hardly bear the idea that we practitioners of an 'ancient superstition' might have anything valid to say. Tomorrow, I'll share with you the most exciting and the most disappointing things about this latest research.

Tuesday October 1
Sleeping Statements

A team of sleep analysts in Switzerland has proven that when the Moon is full, people take longer to fall asleep and then wake up earlier, reporting less satisfactory sleep. This may not surprise you. It certainly didn't surprise me. That's just one of the many effects we expect from a Full Moon isn't it? What did surprise me was that this is the first such scientific announcement I've heard in decades. Academics are usually so prejudiced they won't even test astrology properly. Wait till I tell you, tomorrow, about the exceptional circumstances that led them to this discovery.

Wednesday October 2
Science of Sleep

Most scientists, when it comes to astrology, are not just sceptical but scornful. That's why I was surprised to learn about a recent discovery regarding the impact of the full moon on sleep quality. Why would all these respectable academics risk ridicule and touch such a contentious subject? What made them go back over data from old experiments and factor in whether or not there had been a full moon on the nights that volunteers had slept in their lab? According to one report, they 'had the idea of doing the lunar analysis while chatting over a few drinks'.

Thursday October 3
Tipsy Tip Off

Conventional science has such disdain for astrology that if any academic even tries to prove it, their work is angrily picked apart by their peers. That's why I was surprised to hear about a discovery linking sleep quality to the full moon. Apparently the work was done only when researchers decided to revisit data from old experiments. The idea came 'while chatting over a few drinks'. But, I hasten to add, they weren't tipsy when they did the math! I'm delighted that we have evidence, but sad that this is what it takes to loosen such ingrained institutional prejudice.

Friday October 4
Drink and Think

I've been explaining, this week, how a team of researchers had to get half-drunk before they would even contemplate a link between an observed phenomenon and the cycle of the Moon. But, when they sobered up and did the math, they found their proof. Why should this matter to astrologers? We have long since grown used to our views being scornfully dismissed. But there are other esoteric subjects (I am thinking particularly of healing techniques) where the world's body of knowledge might swell significantly if only more conventional scientists would experiment with a sup from the table of fable.

Saturday October 5
Your Week Ahead

The week begins with a New Moon and goes on to bring a conjunction of Mercury to Saturn. This is followed by a right angle from Venus to Neptune. There's a story being told here, of fresh possibilities arising, perhaps connected to secrets being revealed. Then there's a hint of concrete commitments being made, firm handshakes, completed deals, settled questions. Possibly linked to this, established patterns may become subject to scrutiny and some social pressure to review long-standing laws. Then as we approach the weekend, romantic fantasies take flight, though those in relationships should beware of communication at cross-purposes.

Sunday October 6
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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