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October 7 2013 to October 13 2013

Monday October 7
Animal Power

You recently spoke about the possibility of world peace but can you give us any hope for the rest of the living world (non-human). There's so little media coverage about the poisoning of elephants in Zimbabwe or of the destruction of orangutan habitats in Borneo. Will we ever start to value wildlife and the natural world more than gold or ivory? Frances

Dear Frances,

In the very process of caring about an issue, we imbue it with value and importance. That in turn inspires yet more people to prioritise it. Don't underestimate your own personal power and influence.

Tuesday October 8

Last week you went on for days about your surprise that scientists have studied the effects of the full moon on sleep patterns. You are being tripped up by your own assumption that this has something to do with astrology. The effect of the moon on terrestrial phenomena has long been the subject of scientific inquiry. Marc

Dear Marc, Indeed! That subject is called.... astrology!

it's no use complaining that scientists don't take astrology seriously when many astrologers work illogically and connect it to every flaky idea that a superstitious mind can conceive. Nick

Dear Nick, Touché!

Wednesday October 9
Back Track

Dear Jonathan,
You recently wrote about scientists who went back over data from previous experiments, making a discovery from information they had held all along. Perhaps those researchers have in their birth charts some of the planets that are directly affected by the current series of right angles between Pluto and Uranus. I have the Moon in my chart affected by this alignment and it is having a big impact on me. I'm learning new things all the time - and all over the world, people seem to be opening their eyes to fresh new possibilities. Izabella

Thursday October 10
For Better or for Worse

Hi Jonathan!
I'm from the USA. Our government has shut down because the two parties can't agree. Our nation's debt will default on October 17 unless there's a deal. Are things going to get worse before they get better? Mike

Dear Mike,
This is all linked to the slow series of rare squares from Uranus to Pluto, which last till 2015. The same astrological indicators were behind the credit crunch, the banking collapses and the global slowdown. The world keeps being taken too close to the wire for comfort. But though the wire may stretch, the wire won't break.

Friday October 11

Dear Jonathan,

It seems that more than a few people around me are reuniting with their childhood sweethearts. Even people who have travelled far from their home towns are suddenly back and dating their first love. Are the planets responsible for this trend? S

Dear S,

This is not a universal trend. Nor even a trend that affects all born under any particular zodiac sign. But this tendency to notice so many rekindled relationships may well reflect an astrological influence affecting your full personal chart that is making you more sensitive, aware and prone to recognise emerging social patterns.

Saturday October 12
Your Week Ahead

This week, the Sun and the Moon are moving into 'opposition'. You can witness this each evening as the Moon starts to rise a little earlier and grow gradually more full until, by Friday, it pops up just as the Sun slips down. And you won't need an astrologer's ephemeris to tell you what sign the Moon is in then. Whenever the Moon is full, it must be passing through the opposite sign to the Sun. As we know the Sun is now in Libra, we can tell that the Full Moon must be in Libra's opposite sign: Aries!

Sunday October 13
Week Ahead - Love Forecast

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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