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October 21 2013 to October 27 2013

Monday October 21
Aquarian Gospel

Dear Jonathan, In the Aquarius forecast the other day, you wrote: 'Space stretches out forever. ' Ain't this a bit of a short-sighted view? Just look at a black hole's event horizon where space gets squeezed ever more and time runs ever faster. Juergen

Hi Jonathan,
In my Aquarius horoscope you said, 'There was never a Day One'. But at the moment of the big bang, time and space and the laws of nature and physics were created. This was the beginning. Jason Clark

Dear Aquarians,
How gloriously Aquarian to pick an argument with the concepts of infinity and eternity.

Tuesday October 22
First Love, Second Opinion

Dear Jonathan, A reader spoke about how it seems that more people are reuniting with old flames. While I agree we sometimes notice things like this more depending on our circumstances, others around the world have noticed this too. There's even a new word for it, 'retrosexual' and it appears that social media is responsible. Monica

Jonathan, Are you sure your reader is alone in noticing that a growing number of people are returning to their first loves? I'm noticing it too. Rachel

Dear Monica and Rachel,
On reflection, I may have dismissed this query a little hastily.

Wednesday October 23
Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turned retrograde earlier this week. Have you been experiencing evidence of this? Though it is only an optical illusion (planets can't ever actually travel backwards) it lasts about three weeks, three or four times a year, and is usually associated with difficulties in commerce and communication. But these are not the only times when such issues arise. Nor is it now obligatory for every computer to malfunction or every business deal to turn troublesome. Indeed this particular iteration may more likely herald a global phase of reflection and review involving deeper personal or more emotional contracts and commitments.

Thursday October 24
Mercury Retro in Scorpio

One reason why Mercury's retrograde phase is more likely to affect emotional exchanges than commercial transactions is because of the zodiac sign in which it is happening. Scorpio symbolises all things private, personal, deep and profound. For Scorpios, this implies a time to revisit old hopes and promises, to see which are still relevant and make brave changes to compensate for decisions that were less than ideal. And for the rest of us? Well, we all have some Scorpio in us somewhere. Where circumstances now call out for courage and candour, we are striving to summon the necessary wisdom.

Friday October 25
Black Hole in Big Bang Theory

Hi Jonathan,
An Aquarian reader said that around black holes, time runs ever faster. Current cosmological theory states that at the event horizon of a black hole, time does not speed up, but essentially stops, making the entire history of the black hole simultaneously visible.
P.S. I'm an Aquarian too. Ken

Hi Ken,

Thank you. I think I understand. But then, I only think I understand the concepts of infinity and eternity. These ideas are too big for any of us, which is why I question the certainty with which people insist that time 'began' with the big bang.

Saturday October 26
Your Week Ahead

No planets ever actually travel backwards. But every now and then, a trick of the light makes it look as if we're watching certain celestial objects reverse through the zodiac. When the object in question is Mercury, traditional lord of commerce and communication, astrologers expect transaction troubles and awkward economic issues. And each night this week, Mercury draws nearer to the point where it will form an exact angle to the next in a series of seven significant squares from Uranus to Pluto. This implies a week during which, though big concerns grow bigger...the worst outcome is averted.

Sunday October 27
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus!

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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