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November 4 2013 to November 10 2013

Monday November 4
Thoughts on the Eclipse

In some ancient cultures, an eclipse was envisaged as a giant, invisible celestial dragon swallowing the Moon - or the Sun. But whenever I watch an eclipse, it always seems to me like a great washcloth in the sky, slowly wiping the light clean. This weekend's beautiful display was effectively telling us all that this is a time of renewal representing a chance to put old problems behind us and offering a fresh start for the heart.

Tuesday November 5
Magic Science

I agree that the Big Bang theory is an arrogant attempt to explain something unexplainable. People are attracted to the concept of a beginning, a middle and an end, because it fits so neatly into what we know of our own lives. Jeffrey

Hello Jonathan,

Don't you think it's slightly arrogant of you to dismiss the work of scientists, who have spent their lives immersed in this subject as 'arrogant'? I think you may be confusing their passion with arrogance and suspect you have inadvertently subscribed to the false dichotomy that science and mysticism are mutually exclusive. Stephanie

Wednesday November 6
Big Banging On

More today, on the Big Bang: Janet writes; "Time is a circle with no beginning or end." Brett says "Once we include consciousness in the equation of existence, the idea of a Big Bang becomes meaningless. The concept does nothing to explain that which thinks about it!" John echoes this: "Unless perceived by something permanent, outside of "time", nothing could notice time's passage. Time is, therefore, an illusion from the standpoint of that which perceives it." and Liz says "I drove my teacher mad at school by asking what came before the Big Bang. I still want to know."

Thursday November 7
Mystical Science

I've lately been sharing readers' letters about infinity, eternity and the validity (or otherwise) of the Big Bang. I've been reading up on how this idea ties in with the current quest amongst astronomers and physicists, to understand 'dark matter'. The more I hear about the experiments now taking place to identify this, the more the scientists sound like mystics. I think that the current series of right angles from Uranus to Pluto, which culminate in 2015, will coincide with a breakthrough that proves, in its own way, to be as big at the discovery of gravity or relativity.

Friday November 8

Greetings Jonathan,
You recently published a comment about President Obama's problem with the launch of a website. Perhaps if he had astrological advice he could have avoided this problem. Back in the 1980s Nancy Reagan made sure her husband Ronald got help of this kind. Carleen

Dear Carleen,
Indeed she did. Actually, many world leaders, past and present, have been reluctant to reveal their exact time of birth lest this allows their opponents to consult astrologers for help in defeating them. Perhaps this is the real reason why many of Obama's enemies are so suspicious of his birth certificate!

Saturday November 9
Your Week Ahead

Though Mercury's retrograde phase is over, it will be another couple of weeks before it makes up the ground it lost recently. Well, I say ground. I mean, of course, space! And if we're really going to get literal, it never actually lost momentum. Planets don't really speed up, slow down or travel backwards. But Earth's orbit creates an occasional optical illusion, into which astrologers still read great symbolism. That's reflected in the cosmic climate. One way or another, many of us are coming to terms with the difference between how things really are and how we perceive them.

Sunday November 10
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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