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November 11 2013 to November 17 2013

Monday November 11
On Time and Timelessness

John writes: 'In Hinduism, the creation and dissolution of the universe is explained as one out-breath (a big bang expansion) then one in-breath (a contraction). This repeats with no beginning, no end.' Pauline comments: 'From a state of high consciousness, life seems no more than a dream. Dreams have a beginning and end, hence a time frame.' Paul quotes Stephen Hawking: 'It is meaningless to ask what came before the Big Bang since time began at the Big Bang.' And Morgana says: 'It's called The Big Bang Theory because... it is a theory!'

Tuesday November 12
Eyes On Ison

Though astronomers and astrologers see the sky rather differently, both communities got excited, around this time last year, when we heard about Comet Ison. There was talk of a light so bright it might outshine the Moon. It isn't doing anything like that yet but if you've got binoculars (and insomnia) you may be able to spot it around dawn. Soon it will reach Perihelion (closest approach to the Sun). By December, Ison will either emerge reborn and glowing or as even more of a disappointment. It is too early to rule out all chance of a celestial showstopper.

Wednesday November 13
Universal Truth

Hi Jonathan,
I was just wondering what astrologers think of the human race travelling to space? Does it interfere with the ways of the universe? Heather

Hi Heather,
I can't speak for all my colleagues but most, as far as I know, would feel that it is a fine thing and poses us no problem. As for your second question, well I'm not sure I am qualified to speak for the universe either. But I rather suspect that the universe is less concerned about what we're doing in space and more bothered about what we're doing to the Earth.

Thursday November 14
Infinite Wisdom

Hello Jonathan,
My teacher told me that parallel lines meet at infinity, and when we put quadratic equations on a graph they go off to infinity and reappear on the opposite side. Infinity must be somewhere if you can go there and come back. Gina

Dear Jonathan,
I think the Big Bang was deliberately created as a mechanism to form matter. Matter, according to Albert Einstein, being 'slow energy'. This was done to create self-aware consciousness within the physical plane. It is as if heaven wanted a bass player to go with all the harps and angelic voices! Peter

Friday November 15
Mercury Espressrograde

Hi Jonathan,
I got talking with friends about what happens when Mercury turns retrograde. Several people report sleepless nights when Mercury goes from retrograde to direct again. That happened last weekend. And I couldn't sleep either! Dave

Hi Dave,
Mercury is the planet of commerce and communication. It governs thoughts, ideas and conversations. Often, when we can't sleep, it is because our minds are too busy or preoccupied. And when Mercury moves from 'reverse' to 'forward', it is effectively changing from a 'reflective state to an active mode. That may well produce the psychological equivalent of a double espresso!

Saturday November 16
Your Week Ahead

Whenever a week begins with a Full Moon, many of us spend the next few days coping with the consequences. In the build up to this event, we become more aware of troublesome issues. Often, just when the Moon is biggest and brightest, we start to feel as if something has got to 'give.' If that's not what we're thinking, it may turn out that someone near to us is thinking this and the Moon takes them to a turning point which affects us too. Then, slowly but surely, things settle down and constructive ways forward are finally found.

Sunday November 17
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Your forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships...

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