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November 25 2013 to December 1 2013

Monday November 25
Pole Position

Not all astrologers write for newspapers or websites. Many, indeed, don't even supply private readings. A lot of my colleagues take a more academic approach, researching, experimenting, examining traditional assertions and testing new hypotheses. Findings, if published at all, appear in subscription journals or are revealed at conferences. It is the advice of just such an expert that I am now seeking before I say more about the 'flip' of the Sun's magnetic poles. So far, I've merely gleaned a suggestion that such events, every eleven years or so, bring individuals a chance to redefine their sense of identity.

Tuesday November 26
Fire and Ison

Within days, we will know whether Comet Ison will produce a dazzling display during December. Astronomers are still watching and hoping. Astrologers, meanwhile, make predictions only on the basis of what they definitely know to be happening in the heavens. Usually, we can be sure about this. It is the very reason why people associate the sky with telling the future. In a world of uncertainty, we can at least say how the sky will appear on any given date. Comets are the exception to that rule. When they become visible, they herald more exceptions to many more rules.

Wednesday November 27

You might think an astrologer would be ideally qualified to foresee how bright Comet Ison will be. But here, we're trying to predict the very thing we might hope to use as a basis for a prediction! It would be like asking a clairvoyant, who has no crystal ball, when their crystal ball will appear? A kind of cosmic Catch 22. Also, the clairvoyant has a vested interest in the crystal ball and thus cannot read the situation objectively. Astrologers badly want Ison to be brilliant, but we can't detach from our emotions sufficiently to say if it will.

Thursday November 28
Ison or Isoff?

By this time next week, we'll know whether Comet Ison is a flop or a showstopper. An object that can be seen only by enthusiastic astronomers with carefully-positioned telescopes or a streak of light so bright that it can be seen even when the Sun is up. I hope you'll forgive me for getting excited by the mere possibility - but if that were so, it would be the first full daylight comet that the world has seen since 1680. And I'd be writing and talking about nothing else from now till Christmas. I'm avoiding other appointments, just in case!

Friday November 29
Ison Isgone?

Early reports from the world's most powerful space telescopes suggest Comet Ison has not survived its close encounter with the Sun. It is too soon to dismiss all remaining hope. There have been some encouraging signs which may (or may not) turn out to be the first sparks of an emerging firework. So I shall wait a while before dedicating my weekend to a flurry of calculations, transposing celestial positions into points of tropical longitude and adjusting next week's forecasts. But I still have faith that one of these days, the world will be treated to an inspiring sight.

Saturday November 30
Your December Monthly Forecast

This time last December, we were edging towards the end of the Mayan Calendar and a conjunction with the Galactic Alignment which, according to some, could bring about some kind of drastic 'end-time' for us all. I remember going out of my way, back then, to reassure people on both issues. I'd now like to say something similar about the more gloomy predictions that we're already starting to hear about 2014. Things are nowhere near as bad as some might like to have us think. And this month, in particular, looks most encouraging for just about everyone.

Sunday December 1
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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