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December 2 2013 to December 8 2013

Monday December 2
New Moon

The Moon becomes officially new at 3.22am tomorrow UK time, which, in the USA, means tonight and in Australia means lunchtime tomorrow. But in the language of astronomy, the phrase 'New Moon' refers to the moment when the Moon is aligned precisely with the Sun, which is actually the moment when it is least visible. The tiny shiny toenail clipping in the sky which you and I might call a New Moon is still another night or two away. Thus, over the weekend, we entered the mystical Dark of The Moon. Tomorrow I'll explain why this is so special.

Tuesday December 3
Into the Mystic

We are now in the Dark of the Moon - a very special time when no moon can be seen, no matter how clear the sky may be or which part of the world you are in. A dark moon makes it easier for astronomers to see stars and planets whose light might otherwise be drowned out by moonlight. This, presumably, is where people first got the idea that the Dark of the Moon bestows magical powers of insight and vision. But psychics, mystics, mediums and clairvoyants frequently report that their gifts are almost always enhanced at times like this.

Wednesday December 4
Celestial Spectacle

Last week, I explained why I couldn't make a prediction about a comet until or unless I could actually see one. It has been suggested, by some readers, that I should have been able to foresee this by considering the condition of other cosmic indicators. But these rather strongly pointed to such a possibility; which is why I held out hope. They still do. And I still do. Between now and March 2015 when we get the last of the seven rare right angles between Uranus and Pluto, we've got a sky that's ripe to host a celestial spectacle.

Thursday December 5
Self Assessment

Dear Jonathan,
Can astrologers predict their own future with any accuracy? Anita

Dear Anita,
Experience taught me, long ago, that it is impossible to find the necessary objectivity. It is like a doctor trying to diagnose their own symptoms, a hairdresser trying to do their own trim, style and set, or a teacher setting themselves an exam and then marking their own work. Of course we can attempt the exercise. Once in a while, this may even produce a half-decent result. But when I want an opinion about what's happening in my own horoscope, I always ask another astrologer!

Friday December 6
Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's life made a crucial difference to the world. It showed us all that if a change is important enough, it can be attained, no matter how difficult it seems. Now, we will mourn him but we will not miss him - for his memory will stay alive in all our hearts. It will inspire millions to continue the struggle to create a world in which all children, of all races, have an equal chance to grow up strong, wise and free. Astrologically, the world has never been more ready to undertake the next phase of that crucial journey.

Saturday December 7
Your Week Ahead

The festive season is drawing nigh and, arguably, the planets this week, reflect this. A traditional astrologer might interpret the coming antagonistic angle from the Sun to Jupiter as an invitation to behave in excessive and extravagant ways. For some, with a Christmas shopping list still to complete, that's bound to be a temptation. Happily, Jupiter's harmonious alignment to Saturn can be seen as a reminder of the need for prudence and temperance. We might even see a brightening cosmic climate, in the run up to the holidays, as a suggestion that reconciliation is possible in some estranged relationships.

Sunday December 8
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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