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January 28 2013 to February 3 2013

Monday January 28
Time of Birth

Why do astrologers work with the moment of birth and not the moment of conception? Many readers have suggested that the latter would make more sense if we want to draw up a chart of the planets as they stood at a 'defining moment' in someone's life. But as 'defining moments' go, the moment of conception is actually one that's extremely hard to define. Even in the unlikely event that your parents were aware of the time, they would have simply set in motion a physical, biological process that could have taken an indeterminate number of hours to complete.

Tuesday January 29
Significant Sun Sign

Dear Jonathan,
I recently went to a lecture by a trained astrologer (from the Faculty of Astrological Studies). One thing she said was that our Sun signs are of less significance than people think. It is our ascendant that's the important sign. Why is this? What about the millions who read their Sun sign forecasts daily? Alison

Dear Alison,
I, too, trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. They taught me all about the ascendant (also known as the Rising Sign). I understand why they say this but I really don't agree that the Sun sign is 'less significant.'

Wednesday January 30
Perfect Timing

Dear Jonathan,
You recently wrote about astrologers helping to pick the best moment to launch a business. Does that apply to founding a not-for-profit organisation? What astrological influences would be most appropriate to fulfill its mission of helping others? Ana

Dear Ana,
You'd need active help from an experienced astrologer. I'm sure, among other things, they'd look for positive alignments between the Moon and Jupiter, but picking a moment that works for you, your clients, the launch venue and the astrologer (for whom a few minutes either way could make a big difference) is no small challenge.

Thursday January 31
Caesarian Selection

Dear Jonathan,
I have been an astrologer for 30 years. Once, I advised a friend on a date for her Caesarean section operation. I suggested she timed it so her Leo baby would have a Taurus moon rather than an Aquarius moon, (the mother has Venus in Taurus). Now whenever he behaves like a stubborn brat, I sort of feel responsible. Camilla

Dear Jonathan,
The doctors said they were planning my Caesarian for August 28. I replied, 'Can you bring it forward a week, I'd rather have a Leo! ' Now I wish I'd had a more sedate Virgo. Sarah

Friday February 1
First Impressions

Dear Jonathan,
The first words I heard when I drew my first breath, 79 years ago, were 'I didn't want a girl'! It has affected my whole life. I described the room I was born in to my mother at about eight years old, the colour of the walls, the bedstead, the position of the door in relation to the bed. It remains in my view even today. Jil

Dear Jil,
While I'm sorry the first words you heard were negative, I never realised it was possible to retain such vivid early memories. Do other readers have them too?

Saturday February 2
Your February Monthly Forecast

It is hard to think about February without remembering that half way through the month, a popular festival is celebrated. There's nothing cosmic about Valentine's Day, but such is the power of the world's retailers and restaurateurs that we can easily get swept away by anticipation. Actually, this month, Venus (planet of love) reaches the point in its orbit where it is furthest from the Sun. For some of us, things simply may not be as romantic as we might wish. But then they do say the best way to make magic happen is to let go of expectation!

Sunday February 3
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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