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December 9 2013 to December 15 2013

Monday December 9
Norse Code

Dear Jonathan,
What do you think of the end of the world prediction from Viking mythology? Victoria

Dear Victoria,
In 1999, followers of Nostradamus said we wouldn't reach the turn of the millennium. In 2011, Harold Camping promised us The Rapture, first in May, then October. And this time last year, of course, we were all waiting for the end of the Mayan calendar. I argued with all these prophecies and, while I recognise that it is important for my track record to remain 100 per cent accurate, I still insist that February 22 won't bring the Norse doomsday, Ragnarok!

Tuesday December 10
Viva Libra

Dear Jonathan,
I understand that Mars has just begun a visit to Libra that will last till half-way through 2014. Some astrologers are saying this is bad news. Are they right? Darren.

Dear Darren,
Mars takes about two years to go once round the zodiac, usually spending about two months in each sign. But due to the phenomenon of retrograde motion, it will appear, next year, to reverse for a while, thus extending its visit to the sector of the tropical ecliptic we call Libra. This is definitely not bad news, for Librans or for any of us!

Wednesday December 11
Ison Gone

Dear Jonathan,
After all that recent excitement about the vanishing comet, I have to ask, would it really have made any difference to my zodiac forecast if that snowball from space had survived its close encounter with the Sun? Nat

Dear Nat,
In my view, it would have made a substantial difference. Indeed, in the hope that Ison was going to become bright, I was standing poised and ready to review all the predictions I had already written for everyone. I think it would have vastly increased our sense of 'what's possible' in a wonderful way.

Thursday December 12
Compatibility Charts

Dear Jonathan,
I'm Sagittarian, my husband is a Scorpio. Supposedly we aren't compatible yet we have a happy marriage. Is there some other factor at work here? Naomi

Dear Naomi,
It is one thing to identify likely points of attraction or tension between zodiac signs, another to make decisive declarations about emotional suitability. Love follows no formula! Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes, they repel. To be truly helpful to a couple, an astrologer needs to draw up each person's full birth chart, make a point-by-point comparison, then suggest the best way to work with those complex dynamics.

Friday December 13
Someone in Mind

Dear Jonathan,
You seem to get crazily close to knowing what's going on in my life and the lives of my friends. Do you keep particular individuals in mind when you give readings? Ashley

Dear Ashley,
I try hard not to think about anyone I know while preparing a prediction. Only after I have allowed a forecast to write itself do I go back and read it over and ask, 'does that apply to so-and-so?' If, when I imagine how they will react, I think it could have been said better, I may tweak the wording but never the meaning.

Saturday December 14
Your Week Ahead

This week's Full Moon comes to a peak just as we reach a key moment in the story of 2013. Since June, the planet Uranus has been retrograde. It is about to turn direct. That suggests news of a scientific breakthrough and a big revelation about some institution in urgent need of change. Add this to the collective questioning of convention that has lately been led by Comet Ison and we see a most unusual festive season unfolding. There are serious issues under discussion and big dramas being played out. But there are many reasons to feel hopeful too.

Sunday December 15
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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