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December 16 2013 to December 22 2013

Monday December 16
Sign Language

Hi Jonathan,
Many astrologers recommend that we don't just read the prediction for our regular zodiac sign but check what they have to say about our 'rising sign' or our 'Moon sign'. What is your opinion? Or are they all wrong? Sunil

Dear Sunil,
They are not 'wrong'. They just work in a different way to me. My predictions are clearly and consciously prepared in accordance with the principles of 'Sun-sign' astrology as I understand them. I really don't see them as transferable. Unless I ever say, 'this forecast applies to your Moon (or rising) sign', it doesn't!

Tuesday December 17
Full and Final

Here comes the final Full Moon of 2013. Once the Moon reaches maximum fullness, it begins to wane. By New Year's Eve, it will have disappeared from view, which means we begin 2014 on a New Moon. Often, from an astrologer's point of view, the turn of the year is a non-event. It doesn't matter how many firework displays people watch or how many verses of Auld Lang Syne we sing - unless the sky supports a mood of change. But a year that begins under the Dark of The Moon is different. Start working on your resolution now!

Wednesday December 18
13th Sign?

Dear Jonathan,
Any thoughts on Ophiuchus the thirteenth sign? Philip

Dear Philip,
I could write a book about this. But all it would contain is a long explanation of why there isn't a thirteenth sign, why astrologers have not got their dates wrong, why the ancients were fully aware of the precession of the equinoxes and why it's right and proper that the constellations don't align exactly with the twelve equal divisions of the tropical ecliptic. I've got carefully researched refutations to all the slurs that sceptics bandy about so freely. But who would want to read all that?

Thursday December 19
You've Been Framed

Dear Jonathan,
Aged 69, I discovered my birth hour was wrong. I always gave astrologers 11.45pm but I now see my birth certificate says 10.45pm. How much difference does it make? Tania

Dear Tania,
Think of your date and year of birth as a painting that represents your character. Now think of the time of birth as providing the frame. The only other way the time can affect the effect of the picture is through the position of the Moon, which will have altered in that hour. So really now, your chart is 'hung straight' in a better frame!

Friday December 20
Ison On Ice

Dear Jonathan,
Are there astrological implications in the way that Comet Ison was destroyed by the sun? Nat

Dear Nat and all others who have asked similar questions,

If Comet Ison had lit up the sky. I would have had some big world event predictions to make and I'd have altered some zodiac forecasts substantially. But we must transcend the temptation to dwell on 'what if' and 'if only'. Into the loss of the comet, I simply read a suggestion that our world is 'attracting the possibility of change' but is not yet quite ready for this to happen.

Saturday December 21
Your Week Ahead

This close to the feast, what should a fortune teller say? Expect gifts? Be wary of over-indulgence? We don't need astrologers to foresee the next few days. That's partly why, in late December, I tend to focus on folk for whom this season can feel lonely and may require more than tinsel to heal their hurt hearts. The sky, after all, doesn't know the holidays are here. If it did, it would hardly arrange for Mars to complete a T-square with Uranus and Pluto on Christmas Day itself. But still, we'll all find a little magic somewhere.

Sunday December 22
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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