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December 23 2013 to December 29 2013

Monday December 23
Venus Retrograde

Hi Jonathan,
I understand that when Venus goes retrograde, we're not supposed to begin new relationships but I'm an Aries. I met a new man in October and we're clearly interested in each other. I'm hesitant to move forward. 'B'

Dear 'B',
A hesitant Aries? Whatever next? Venus retrograde simply suggests a time to review and reflect on emotional matters. I don't know who issued this edict about what we're 'supposed' to do but even if we accept it, the essence of your relationship has existed since October. Venus is only turning retrograde now, just in time for Christmas!

Tuesday December 24
Ding-Dong... Christmas Calling!

Dear Jonathan,
Other astrologers are predicting a rough time around Xmas and New Year, especially for people's relationships! Shall we all avoid celebrations and go to a bunker? I have terrible memories of unhappy holidays. Lia

Dear Lia,
This year's sharp link from Mars to Uranus could be characterised as a bit of a ding-dong, not so merrily on high... but that doesn't mean we must all steel ourselves for stress. It's just that, as with all efforts to make the world a better place, those who prioritise peace must strive to extend tolerance towards those who apparently don't!

Wednesday December 25
Holiday spirit

Today's cosmic conflict between Mars and Uranus is not, perhaps, the most festive picture the sky has painted but it is hardly an omen of doom and gloom. It simply highlights a need to be sensitive around topics that trigger tension! And isn't that what most of us, most years, always need to do? It actually bodes well for those who appreciate opportunities to break with ritualistic tradition and express a little spontaneity. The real spirit of this holiday involves putting past problems aside and finding points of healing and harmony. Nothing need stand in the way of that.

Thursday December 26
Future of Forgiveness

In the run up to Christmas, I received several letters from people who had heard how an awkward link from Mars to Uranus might spoil the holidays. In attempting to be reassuring and remind them that this is a time for tolerance, I first had to overcome my own annoyance at the silly things some of my colleagues sometimes seem to say! Even if you are now dealing with the aftermath of an outburst, I still maintain the cosmic climate is supportive of all those who wish to put the past behind them and embrace a future full of forgiveness.

Friday December 27
Frame of Reference

I must take issue with your response to the reader who asked if an hour's difference in her birth time would alter her birth chart. As you surely must know, it can make a huge difference to the houses. David

Dear David,
You are lucky enough to live in a country where birth times are reported on birth certificates. I learned my craft in a land where no such records are kept. Working with imprecise information has obliged me to carefully consider the importance of house-cusps etc. I still maintain they form the frames, not the pictures.

Saturday December 28
Your January Month Ahead

The year 2014 may contain more of the cliff-hanging dramas that made 2013 tricky. We are in the midst of seven rare right angles between Uranus and Pluto. It is around eighty years since we last came under this influence and there are more occurrences than usual in the current cluster (which began in June 2012). It is as if the planets won't rest until we all recognise the flaws in traditional institutions (such as banking and politics) that normally govern our lives. But there's still scope for hope and joy, as many of us will discover this January.

Sunday December 29
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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