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February 4 2013 to February 10 2013

Monday February 4
Which Voice?

Hi Jonathan,
I've been reading a lot about intuition of late and the importance of listening to the inner voice, and the ability to decipher what is the 'inner voice' and what is the voice of fear or anxiety that may impede a person on their journey. But on a different point, how do we distinguish between the voice of intuition and the voice of our deepest desires? Or are they just the same thing? Alicia

Dear All,
If you think you can help Alicia with this query, please write in. But please remember to keep your answer short!

Tuesday February 5
Roller Coaster

Dear Jonathan,
My personal finances are healthy but with so much talk of a complete collapse of the economic system as we know it, I am beginning to worry. Do you think markets will hold out or is it just my Taurean tendency to worry kicking in? Keith

Dear Keith,

The world of international finance remains a rollercoaster. But there's a big difference between exhilarating ups and terrifying downs... and finding yourself trapped, far above the ground because something has started to fall apart in the infrastructure. There's drama ahead but it's not going to be THAT bad!

Wednesday February 6
Colour Blind

Dear Jonathan,
I have noticed that different signs have different colour preferences. I am a Leo and have a propensity for reds. Geminis seem to like blues with spots. People born under Aries often gravitate to autumn colours and Sagittarians seem attracted to shades of green. Have you noticed this too? Tom

Dear Tom,

Actually, I haven't! When I started my studies, I remember testing out these and similar 'affinities'. It never seemed to be so simple! But maybe I'm wrong. If anyone else has noticed a clear correlation between zodiac signs and favourite colours, do drop me a line!

Thursday February 7
Memory Lane

Dear Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from Jil in which she claimed to recall the very words her mother said at the moment she was born. To me, this seems like a prime example of 'false memory syndrome'. How did she know what her mother said? Was she born able to understand the language? Newborns can neither speak nor communicate. My guess is that her recollection of what she heard is right but she probably heard it when she was a year or two old, at a point when her capacity to integrate that information was more developed. Sonni

Friday February 8
Chocs Away

Dear Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from a reader who asked how to distinguish between her true inner voice and 'the voice of her desires.' As a holistic health coach, I find that the inner voice is your higher-self talking to you! If it expresses a 'negative need' (perhaps based around unhealthy choices in nutrition, for example) you should listen to it and try to figure out where your primary needs (lifestyle, relationships, work and family) are not being properly met. If you address and fix your primary needs, then those secondary needs will fix themselves. Carole

Saturday February 9
Your Week Ahead

The Dark Of The Moon is traditionally a very mystical time when psychics often report stronger signals from the realms beyond. It also often turns out to be a good time for people who are sensitive to deep feelings in their hearts. Romantic impulses and emotional attractions tend to intensify under this influence. That's encouraging, given that Valentine's Day is coming up. So too is the fact that this weekend's Dark Of The Moon precedes the New Moon that heralds the start of the Chinese New Year of the water snake. This is a wonderful time for starting anew!

Sunday February 10
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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