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February 11 2013 to February 17 2013

Monday February 11
Voice Recognition

Last week, Alicia asked, 'How do we distinguish between the voice of intuition and the voice of a deep desire?'

Jenny replies: The voice of intuition is more of a deep 'knowing' that is not attached to any emotion. But fears or desires will be emotional.

Kimberley adds: 'I remember the song lyric, 'You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll find, you get what you need.' Desires are wants. Intuition tells us what we need.

Angela says, 'Deciding anything can get noisy in your head but there is always another voice that stays calm.'

Tuesday February 12

According to legend, a 12th century Irish bishop had a vision of every pope that was still to come. He is supposed to have left a long list, full of 'clues', each one connected to the name of a successive pontiff. Those who have studied this list say that Joseph Ratzinger fits the description for the penultimate name... and there's only one left to go! If the old prophecy is correct (some insist that it is a forgery) the next and final pope will be called Petrus Romanus (Peter from Rome) whose reign coincides with the end of Catholicism.

Wednesday February 13
Thoughts About Intuition

Dear Jonathan,
A reader asks how to distinguish between intuition and desire. Like other skills, intuition must be honed. The fastest way to learn is to ask, 'will anyone be hurt if I do the thing I feel inclined to do?' Consciously observe the difference between feelings and thoughts. You'll eventually notice how the mind's observations have a different 'feel'. Your intuition is softer, more indirect and pulls you toward an inclination. In contrast, the mind usually feels 'sharp', focused and on-point. Intuition is more of a hunch, thoughts tend to create judgment and often, false certainty. Glenda

Thursday February 14
Lovers Rock

Hi Jonathan
I hear that an asteroid is going to smash into Earth on February 15 this year! Can astrology indicate anything on this? Maggie

Dear Maggie,
The asteroid will safely pass us at a distance tomorrow, exactly as the scientists expect it to. I really don't know why some people twist such events into prophecies involving the end of the world. Unless, I suppose, someone has a Valentine's date lined up for tonight and they're not sure how far they want to take the relationship or how quickly and they are looking for a reason to be reckless...

Friday February 15
Upwardly Mobile

Dear Jon,
You mentioned levitation several times recently in the Aries forecast. I have experienced this twice. Whilst receiving Reiki healing, when I felt my whole body being pulled up from the couch - and whilst meditating, when I was pulled upwards from the top of my head. Both times the sensation was strong and I resisted. I like to think that if it happens again I'd let go but the desire to cling on might be hard to override. Susan

Dear Susan,

I was really just using this idea to make a point... but your experience sounds fascinating.

Saturday February 16
Your Week Ahead

This is a powerful week. First Saturn turns retrograde, then Mercury 'stations'. Normally, when explaining how these heavenly phenomena happen, I run out of room to tell you what they mean. So this time, if you want the astronomy, Google it! The astrology, meanwhile, suggests sticking points and stumbling blocks. The processes most likely to encounter delay or difficulty will be legal and official projects, perhaps involving the making of judgements and the granting of permits. Wheels will seem to be turning too slowly for some of us. But this may yet cause vital secrets to come to light.

Sunday February 17
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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