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February 18 2013 to February 24 2013

Monday February 18
Catholic Taste

Hi Jonathan,
Is it true that the hall containing the busts of the popes has just two empty places left? JG

Hi JG,
As astrologers aren't welcome at the Vatican, I cannot say. I merely know that according to Saint Malachy, a 12th-century prophet, the next pope is the last!

Dear Jonathan,
When you last mentioned the prophecy of Malachy, involving the end of Catholicism I got the feeling you were taking pleasure in this. Bridget

Dear Bridget,
I honestly wasn't. Catholicism may not approve of astrology but I have no issue with this or any other religion.

Tuesday February 19
Voices of Reason

Hi Jonathan,
Some examples of intuition (in my experience). There are two routes you could take to work. You always choose the same road. One day you think you should travel the other way. You probably don't. But it turns out the usual road is under repair. You say, 'I knew I should have!' After a while you really start to heed the inner voice. Pamela

Dear Jonathan,
About 100 years ago Rudolf Steiner stressed the importance of 'heart knowledge' over 'mind knowledge'. Intuition is a form of heart knowledge. We must be careful not to over-think! Simon

Wednesday February 20

Dear Jonathan,
Each time I hear you say 'Happy Chinese New Year' I cringe. It's the lunar new year, a holiday celebrated by many cultures, including those in Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Tibet. Mary

Dear Mary,
I'm not sure that lunar new year is as big in Japan as once it was. And though Tibetan new year doesn't always coincide exactly with the other festivals, I've got many Tibetan friends and, in their honour, I usually do try to make an effort to point out that lunar new year is not just Chinese. I'll be more sensitive next year.

Thursday February 21
True Colours

I recently shared a letter from a reader who had noticed links between different signs and colours. Cassandra wrote to say she's a Leo and also likes red, while her Capricorn son chooses green (though Melton writes in to say Capricorns go for beige). Frances, a Sagittarian, dislikes green, while Maxine and Summer are two Sagittarians who prefer purple. But Ellie is an Aquarian who likes purple too. Brett is a Gemini, fond of blue, Aries Alec prefers emerald, Barb finds Cancerians gravitate to silver, and Diane is a Taurean with a penchant for pink. More on this tomorrow.

Friday February 22
Shady Connections

Susan is a Leo who likes blue. Mina, another Leo, prefers green. George thinks Scorpios suit black. Since I printed one reader's thoughts about zodiac colour preference, many letters have come in. It's hardly a scientific study but the results, so far show little consistency. I never thought they would. Long ago, when I first studied astrology, I remember being doubtful about this supposed correlation between planets and palettes. I'm similarly inclined to question the lore surrounding 'lucky' gemstones. But if someone thinks they've found a foolproof, fail-safe link between signs and shades, I'd love to hear about it.

Saturday February 23
Your Week Ahead

The Sun entered Pisces last week so the coming Full Moon will be in Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs and you only get a Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite. The impact of the Full Moon in the tides is well documented and, though science has yet to furnish us with irrefutable proof that people behave more strangely at Full Moon... we have surely all noticed it! I find too, that at Full Moon, alcohol seems to takes effect on people more quickly and can render them more intoxicated. Be careful this weekend!

Sunday February 24
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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