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February 25 2013 to March 3 2013

Monday February 25
Rock Around the Alarm Clock

Dear Jonathan,
Recently, a meteor hit Russia on the same day as an asteroid passed within 17,000 miles of Earth. And there are two 'great comets' coming, one of which could outshine the moon. Are these portents? Thanks. Janet

Dear Janet,
I saw the video of the meteor strike. It was shocking yet I don't see a message for the whole world in that or the asteroid. For me, it's those two comets that matter most. They'll bring a wonderful wake-up call to us all. They potentially herald a new era of trust, honesty and hope.

Tuesday February 26
True Colours

Hi Jonathan,
You recently printed a letter suggesting that Cancerians favour the colour silver. I'm a Cancerian and have only ever worn silver jewellery (of which I have quite a lot!). Weirdly, gold just looks wrong on me so I have never worn it. Caroline

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Cancerian and I hate silver! My best colour is yellow. Jim

Put in a letter on this topic from me. I'm Cancerian and I also like yellow best. Your daughter, Jemima

Dear All,
I accept that sometimes, some signs have colour preferences. But still, they are not universal!

Wednesday February 27
Malachy Malarky

Hi Jonathan,
There seems to be some misunderstanding about the prophecy of Malachy. Yes, after the next Pope, the lineage is supposed to end, but this does not signal the end of Catholicism; quite the opposite. It is supposed to indicate the time of the Apocalypse and the Second Coming. In other words, God's representative on Earth (the Pope) is replaced by The Son of God. That said, the Roman Catholic Church doesn't believe the Prophecy of Malachy. John

Dear Jonathan,
How can the Catholic church be against astrology, the magi used it to locate the Christ child? Linda

Thursday February 28
Figments of Pigments

Dear Jonathan,
If there is any link between zodiac sign and colour, wouldn't it make more sense to go by your Venus sign rather than your Sun sign? Ginny

How are blind people supposed to have favourite colours? Anne

Maybe it's more complex and we should consider the placement of other planets at birth. Joann

Even if earth signs like greens and browns, fire signs like fiery colours and water signs like blues and teals, what colour is air? I think the idea that one sign prefers one colour is too simple. Roxanne

Dear Roxanne, Joann, Anne and Ginny,

Friday March 1
Joy in the Bubble

Dear Jonathan,
Recently I was feeling extremely down. Then I got thirsty. As I reached for a bottle of still water, bubbles started forming in it and I felt a tingling in my fingers. I tested this by moving away and trying again. It felt a little scary but it was definitely me. Del

Dear Del,
I bet, soon after that, you stopped feeling unhappy! We all have more telekinetic potential than we realise and it often gets released at times of intense emotion. One day we'll learn to trust this. Do other readers have similar tales to tell?

Saturday March 2
Your March Monthly Forecast

Are you waiting for something to happen, hoping to be freed from a situation where you seem to be stuck or seeking agreement where no negotiation seems to be possible? Fear not! Towards the end of February, Mercury turned retrograde. It won't be 'direct' again till the middle of March. Though this is all just an optical illusion, astrologers have long since learned that such spells of apparent backward motion coincide with times of frustration, impediment and delay. The further into the month we get, the more such a mood will be replaced by a sense of fresh enthusiasm.

Sunday March 3
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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