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March 2 2015 to March 8 2015

Monday March 2
The Right Track

Dear Jonathan,
Astrology is a path to faith. I like to see it as a mirror reflecting earthly events. Diana

Dear Diana,
I'm slightly more inclined to reverse both of those assertions!

Dear Jonathan,
When I was younger, I likened time to a train journey where you get on and off, but you never get on at the start of the journey, nor do you go to the end of the line. Liz

Dear Liz,
That's if there is an 'end of the line.' When I was younger, the tracks on my train set went round in a circle!

Tuesday March 3
Going With the Flow

Dear Jonathan,
We believe time flows 'past' us like a river, but instead, we flow through an eternal landscape where everything that ever has happened, everything that is happening, and everything that will happen all coexists. We are unable to perceive the eternal nature of this landscape because, as sparks of light traveling through, we see only what we encounter with our limited senses. That's how we enjoy free will while also being subject to destiny, because no matter where we choose to travel, the path and our travel upon that path has always existed, and always will. Susa

Wednesday March 4
About Time

I think two common sayings provide the explanation to our perception of how time passes. One is, 'A watched pot never boils.' We all know it will boil eventually, but it takes a lot longer if you concentrate on that one thing. Whereas, if you're doing other things, particularly other things you enjoy, time passes quickly. The other is, 'Time flies when you're enjoying yourself.' So, if you want time to pass slowly, it is simple. Stop enjoying yourself and concentrate on some event in the future. How many of your readers want to follow that advice? Duncan

Thursday March 5
Wax Treatment

I must confess I have never met a vampire or a werewolf. I have, therefore, no information to refute or support the notion that, by this weekend, it will be too late for such creatures to transform or mutate. But I can confirm that tonight is the night of the Full Moon wherever you are in the world. Even in the Southern hemisphere, many hours ahead of what is called 'Universal Time', the Moon will be completely full by Friday morning. By Friday night, it will be waning. In astrology, the waxing moon has by far the greatest power.

Friday March 6
Full Moon

As I explained yesterday, the Moon will still look full this weekend but officially it will have started to wane. So if you get caught in a lift with a werewolf, or a vampire tries to give you a sneaky bite, you shouldn't need to wave a cross or fire a silver bullet. Simply point to your watch and roll your eyes. That should shame the mythical creatures into surrender. Even so, as weekends loosen many people up and even 'near' Full Moons exacerbate the effect of alcohol, it might be wise to go easy on the sauce.

Saturday March 7
Your Week Ahead

We're fast approaching the last in a series of seven 'squares' between Uranus and Pluto. These slow heavenly bodies have been roughly at right angles since 2008. They first reached an exact alignment of 90 degrees in June 2012. Since then, they have drifted in and out of line. The shape culminates next week, then stays a while, but there'll be no more precise 'squares' till 2073. It's always the time just prior to an exact event that's most potent. Thus it's more this week, than next, that many of us can expect to face (and beat) our fears.

Sunday March 8
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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