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March 9 2015 to March 15 2015

Monday March 9
Tango Time

Hello Jonathan,
I dance the Argentinean tango (with a passion). For me, it makes time stop. Time does not fly when you're having fun, quite the opposite. Having fun implies losing oneself in (not from) the physical and psychic space (which, yes, does move through the cosmos like a river.) Linda

Hello Linda,

Dear Jonathan,
I say, 'thank heavens they demoted Pluto'. The symbolism of the demotion indicates that this dark influence is getting less powerful. Vicki

Dear Vicki,
Unless it implies that people are becoming dismissive of deep issues that they ought to be more respectful of.

Tuesday March 10
Slow Motion

Hi Jonathan,
May I add to the recent discussion about the perception of time? I believe this is influenced by the speed of our thoughts. Many say that in highly intense situations, everything seems to go in slow motion. I think this is caused by the brain working so fast that everything appears to slow down; in the same way that capturing a slow motion movie requires a high shutter speed. Could we therefore train ourselves to slow time with intense concentration of thought? Tim

Hi Tim,
With intense concentration, many seemingly miraculous things are possible.

Wednesday March 11

Hello Jonathan,
You recently mentioned how the age of 14 has great significance in the 28-year Saturn cycle. I'd love to learn about the cycles and their significance at different ages. Would you write more about this? Kristin

Dear Kristin,
A fine idea! Once we get past next week's intense alignment between Uranus and Pluto, followed by a rare, potent Solar Eclipse at the Equinox, I'll be happy to embark on an explanation of how the celestial cycles work and why, though they affect us at similar ages, the dates can vary depending on when we were born.

Thursday March 12
A Person Aura Vampire?

Hello Jonathan,
Your recent mention of the Full Moon reminded me of the time I met an 'Aura Vampire' in a bar. It felt as if this person had penetrant energy that went directly through my aura and sucked away all my cheerfulness. I could not defend myself against it. If I were the street this guy was a pneumatic drill, penetrating through the surface and extracting something deep and hidden. Never since have I met a person who could change an atmosphere that fast. Vampires are out there! But it is not blood that they are sucking! JG

Friday March 13
Change Ahoy!

One week from today, there'll be a glorious Solar Eclipse. It won't be visible from many places but then, it isn't necessary to witness an Eclipse in order to benefit from it. The very fact that it is happening is a positive portent, in itself. The more so because it occurs on the cusp of the equinox and immediately after the seventh in the series of rare right angles between Uranus and Pluto. It's as if the world is getting ready to embrace change! There. I got right through today's introductory piece without mentioning Friday the 13th. Oh. Whoops!

Saturday March 14
Your Week Ahead

A spectacular solar eclipse is visible for some on Friday. It is not necessary to witness such a celestial spectacle to benefit from it. We will all, soon, experience a moment of revelation as scales fall from our eyes and veils are raised in our subconscious minds, enabling us to understand situations that may have previously caused us stress. If you do happen to live in a part of the world from which the eclipse is visible, remember not to look at it! The only light that any of us want to be blinded by is the inner light!

Sunday March 15
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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