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March 23 2015 to March 29 2015

Monday March 23
Energy Crisis

Dear Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from someone who seemed to be suggesting that some people can drain other people's energy. I know that if a lie is repeated often enough it will be treated as a truth but this is such an arrogant self-deception. People really don't have the power to take away our cheerfulness if we focus on all that's positive. Mark

Dear Jonathan,

When people talk about aura or energy vampires, I feel sorry for them. Emotions are internal. We create them ourselves. Nobody is a vampire until you allow them to be. Del

Tuesday March 24
Slo Mo Scorpio

Hello Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from someone who suggested we can 'slow down time' with intense concentration. It made me think of the Japanese man who painted those views of Mt. Fuji many years ago. He also painted odd pictures of waves that looked similar to leaves at the tips. Yet it is only recently that we have created high speed cameras that can confirm, 'Yes, that's really how waves look at that speed!' How did he know that, back then? Lavonne

Dear Lavonne,
Some say Hokusai was a Scorpio. That would certainly explain his keen insight.

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Wednesday March 25
Zodiac: The Truth

Dear Jonathan,
I was reading about the thirteenth sign and how the constellations have drifted from their original positions. Is it possible that the Mayans ended their calendar when they did because they thought an upgrade may be necessary? Lesley

Dear Lesley,
Yes, the constellations have drifted. No this doesn't affect astrology because astrologers very deliberately use equal divisions of the ecliptic rather than star groupings. There isn't, wasn't and won't ever be a 'thirteenth sign'. As for the Mayans, they used a very different calendar system. This never actually 'ended'. But in late 2012, a new epoch began.

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Thursday March 26
Dawn of the Equinox

Dear Jonathan,
You say New year has no astrological significance. Isn't it a solstice point? Doesn't the sign of Capricorn govern 'endings'? Isn't midnight a kind of 'ending' too? Just as each new day starts in the middle of the night, maybe New Year is the year's 'midnight', with the dawn arriving later, when the Sun enters Aries. Victoria

Dear Victoria,

I like that idea, although... the solstice point that coincides with the Sun's entry into Capricorn falls closer to Christmas than New Year. Anyway, the Sun entered Aries last weekend. Happy New Astrological Year, Dawn or Equinox... as you prefer!

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Friday March 27
Getting it Right

I've had many letters lately from readers concerned that their zodiac signs are 'wrong', that the modern sky doesn't match the ancient sky and there should be a thirteenth sign. Once every few years, some prejudiced astronomer feeds this tale to a susceptible journalist. I'm sorry to say that, without stopping to check for balance, their editors then print this. But astrologers are neither fools nor charlatans. If you want to see my full explanation of why we're not 'getting it wrong' there's a special video here. I filmed it LAST time the story came up!

Saturday March 28
Your April Monthly Forecast

Mars enters Taurus in April, causing the cosmic drumbeat to start playing out a different rhythm. We all march to this and we will all soon notice a more steady, stable, pattern. It is as if the heavens are encouraging us all to show greater commitment to the issues and principles that mean the most to us. Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse, near the start of the month speaks of many feeling a need to address problems in relationships. These can no longer be glibly ignored. But healing those wounds and resolving those conflicts will prove easier than we fear.

Sunday March 29
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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