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March 30 2015 to April 5 2015

Monday March 30
Betwixt Eclipses

Hot on the heels of last month's solar eclipse comes a lunar eclipse at the end of this week. Eclipses always come in pairs. Mystics believe that's significant. They say a 'portal of possibility' opens with the first in the sequence and closes with the second. Once again, it doesn't matter where you are or whether you witness the celestial phenomenon. All signs are affected in one way or another. In each of our lives somehow there's a 'window of opportunity'. It opened just over a week ago and there's still time to make the most of a chance!

Tuesday March 31
Design for Living

We're still betwixt and between eclipses. The cosmic conditions required for such an exact alignment are still in place. This, to the mystically minded, indicates a special time for the world. Whatever is causing the sky to produce such a stunning spectacle may also be making the universe capable of granting more wishes. Some say that when an eclipse becomes visible, it reveals the designer's signature on the canvas of the cosmos. If so, perhaps many of us now, are more likely than usual to see evidence of 'the hand of the Creator' in various other areas of life.

Wednesday April 1
C'est Chic

Recently, in a zodiac forecast, I raised the old conundrum, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' I wasn't seeking an answer, just pointing out that some questions are all but impossible! A reader called Peter replied, 'The egg came first. The chicken came second. The farmer came third. The customer, fourth. The writer, fifth. The internet, sixth. Seventh will be when we go further than this lonely rock and start exploring what else is in this universe because we aren't too chicken to do that.' I'm not sure I entirely agree, but I thought it was nicely put!

Thursday April 2
Rainbow Worrier

Hi Jonathan,
Much has been said about whether it is necessary to watch an eclipse, to be touched by it. What about a rainbow? Three years ago, I was really sad. I saw a bright rainbow from my window and thought 'hope is still there'. Yesterday I saw a halo over the sun, with a rainbow on the outer part. The sun was covered by TWO rainbows! Presumably, these are all good omens? Diana

Dear Diana,
Yes! I still say we benefit from an eclipse, whether we witness it or not; but rainbows must be seen to be felt!

Friday April 3
Dark Matters

Hi Jonathan,
I enjoyed your article explaining why there is no thirteenth sign and the zodiac is right, just as it is. I see why this frustrates you. Snippets of misinformation, twisted to make unfair points, may not be true but they support prejudiced beliefs. Yet aren't the same experts who seem so sure that astrology makes no sense also saying that they know very little about what the world is made of? Andrew
Hi Andrew,
I suspect the mysteries of dark-matter will turn out to be surprisingly closely connected to the mysteries of astrology, telepathy and magic!

Saturday April 4
Your Week Ahead

We are all aware of what is supposed to happen whenever Mercury is retrograde. Regular readers will know that I dispute some of those assertions. It is not that communications are impeded, it is simply that understandings become more profound. Mercury (you will be pleased to hear) is not retrograde this week. But Jupiter, planet of hope and justice, has been retracing its steps since late last year. Hence many of the mixed messages and unjust judgements that we have lately seen. The end of this phase heralds the start of a more constructive and inspiring era for all.

Sunday April 5
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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