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April 6 2015 to April 12 2015

Monday April 6
By Jupiter

Vindication. Inspiration. Liberation. Just some of the experiences that astrologers associate with Jupiter's annual change of direction. The planet of justice and generosity has been retrograde since last December. This hasn't made such qualities entirely unattainable but during a retrograde phase, planets often seemingly put their most famous benefits 'on ration.' As Jupiter is a planet of hope, faith and freedom, this may explain why some have been feeling especially pessimistic, restricted or even disillusioned of late. Sagittarians and Pisceans may notice the improvement most dramatically but everyone of every sign, looks set to gain from this week's change.

Tuesday April 7
Post Eclipatlyptic

Dear Jonathan,
Surely, unless it is the precise moment of an eclipse, then the world is always 'between eclipses'. Nick

Dear Nick,
True point. I should have chosen my language more carefully in that piece I wrote last week. I was really just trying to explain that eclipses tend to come along in pairs, separated by half a lunation. It's those 14-day intervals between, say, a solar eclipse and the subsequent lunar eclipse which I often find are full of unexpected events, eyebrow-raising experiences and impossible possibilities. That's what I was alerting the world to last week!

Wednesday April 8
Spinning Top

Dear Jonathan,
When I was a child I was given a humming top with farmyard scenes of cows, sheep and chickens. That is how I view this world, as an elaborate humming top. A toy made for a child who has grown up and forgotten the present that someone made for them. The world now is left to its own devices and is at the mercy of the four elements. Nicholas

Dear Nicholas,
I had that very toy. I don't know where mine got to, either! But your comment raises a big question. What then, keeps this top spinning?

Thursday April 9
Quantum Leaps

Hi Jonathan,
You recently touched on newly emerging ideas and concepts in the world of physics. With what some people call quantum tethering and others label quantum entanglement it would seem everything is connected. If that's so, things like ESP and astrology would be very real and would fully affect everything else in the universe including us humans. I just don't understand how any serious scientist could say these things are silly superstition. I feel sure it's all just another branch of science we have yet to fully understand and I look forward greatly to being proven right.

Friday April 10
Station Announcement

At the beginning and end of retrograde phases, planets appear to stand still. Issues associated with those planets become more intense during these 'stations'. The influence tends to last longer than the visual information alone might suggest. How much longer is a moot point. Many astrologers are reluctant to put a duration on a station. But we all agree Jupiter is no longer retracing its steps and the planet of hope is now free to bring more to celebrate. For good measure, a fifth harmonic alignment from Jupiter to Venus implies much to inspire all our hearts this weekend.

Saturday April 11
Your Week Ahead

Venus and Mercury both change signs soon, as Pluto prepares to commence a retrograde phase which continues till late September. These first two developments symbolise nothing more than the regular process of ongoing celestial evolution and imply no great harm to anyone. Nor can Pluto's new direction be considered an inauspicious omen, for it too, is a regular, seasonal, occurrence that suggests a general decrease in international (and interpersonal) tension. Nothing in life stays the same for long but movement doesn't automatically signify trouble. We will all, this week, find it easier than we expect to adapt to change.

Sunday April 12
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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