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April 13 2015 to April 19 2015

Monday April 13
Turning Question

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent letter, Nicholas suggested that the world resembled a toy humming top. This wonderful image is also sad. As children, we feel close to the secrets of the universe. As adults, life's harsh realities make us forget those simple truths. Then, we can't imagine how the top keeps turning. But does that mean we should regard the turning of the Earth as someone else's responsibility? Doug

Dear Doug,
A good point. Isn't it better for us to relax and appreciate a miracle than to fear that if we stop striving, the world may stop spinning?

Tuesday April 14
Lion King

Hi Jonathan,
I've read that some Leos will only experience Jupiter's destructive effects and few of its benefits. Is this true? It has certainly been tough for me. Jill

Dear Jill,
This may have been something that you read. But it is not something I wrote! Astrologers like to foster a collegiate spirit. Where possible, we respect one another's judgement. Sadly, no laws prevent the most unlikely people from claiming expertise in this subject. I'd describe the current Leo outlook as fine! So too, I think, would anyone who really know and respects the traditions of this ancient art.

Wednesday April 15
Down Under

Dear Jonathan,
I am doing my second exam with the British Faculty of Astrological Studies. What do you think about the Southern Hemisphere question? Is astrology wrong because the ancient works of Claudius Ptolemy mention only the Northern Hemisphere? Do Australians need the signs reversed? My faith in this subject is beginning to wane. Carlton

Dear Carlton,

I'm sure the Federation of Australian Astrologers and many other august antipodean bodies could soon set your mind at rest on this matter. Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, written around 150AD, may be the oldest surviving text but age doesn't confer indisputable authority. More tomorrow.

Thursday April 16
Up-Over and Down-Under

More today to help the student astrologer who has become confused about whether astrology should work differently in Australia to say, Europe or the USA. The higher night skies may differ in the Antipodes (in most of the lands Up-Over, nobody can see the Southern Cross) but the ecliptic, aka the Sun's apparent path across the Zodiac is equally visible from both North and South, albeit at different times of day! And equally relevant. The only thing that 'doesn't travel' is a rather tired, tortuous attempt, once made by some British writers, to tie the zodiac signs to the seasons!

Friday April 17
Dark of The Moon

This weekend brings the Dark of The Moon, that mystical time of the month when darker skies facilitate greater psychic sensitivity. The opportunity is timely because I find myself struggling to answer one particular question: 'Who will win the UK General Election?' I can't seem to get past an initial, instinctive, almost visceral response: 'Who cares?' Yet my very ambivalence could provide the objectivity required to judge a race that's so tight. And the fact that it is so tight makes it a classic subject for esoteric inquiry. I'll let you know if the cosmos grants me an insight!

In the UK, BBC Radio 4 listeners, tonight at 11pm, can hear me fobbing off a question on this very subject on The Vote Now Show.

Saturday April 18
Your Week Ahead

The week begins with a New Moon in Aries and ends with a sharp alignment from the Sun to Saturn. In between there is a conjunction of Mercury and Mars, plus a helpful angle between Venus and Jupiter. Oh, and let's not forget this week's useful aspect between Mars and Pluto. Many of us will notice a pattern being played out. First, we will feel hopeful. Then excited and inspired. Next, we may run into an issue that proves temporarily tricky. But the overall outlook, is encouraging and good things will yet come to all who seek them sincerely.

Sunday April 19
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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