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April 20 2015 to April 26 2015

Monday April 20
Simply Complex

Hi Jonathan,
I'm a physics and mathematics undergraduate. My favourite subject is complex analysis, a branch of mathematics. It's the study of the square root of minus one, known as 'the imaginary number' because, according to all logic, it cannot exist. Yet, when scientists ignore this inconvenient fact, this number turns out to be as powerful as it is beautiful. It is used in all branches of physics, from electromagnetism to quantum mechanics. We simply cannot do without it. I love complex analysis. It reminds me of how the supposedly 'impossible' is inextricably linked to the real world.

Tuesday April 21
Sport Report

Last week, I got a call from a reporter at a TV sports channel. Had I heard about the young soccer player, Harry Kane, who has just scored his first goal for England? Did I know that he was born within a day or so, in the very same year, as Jordan Spieth, the US golfer who many seem to be calling the new Tiger Woods. I didn't know. But by the time I'd drawn up the birth charts of these two time-twins, I did know something else. They both look set to enjoy long, exceptionally successful careers.

Wednesday April 22
Opinion Poll

Dear Jonathan,
Last week you mentioned your ambivalence about the impending British General Election. You suggested that not caring about the outcome might help you be objective enough to predict it. Is your skill really best put to enquiring who might win? I'd like to know which party might make the best use of a victory and which party might be inclined to make the wisest choices when in power. Or is such information beyond the stars? Mark

Dear Mark,
Words like 'best' and 'wisest' have highly subjective meanings. The heavens surely can't refute or verify opinions and beliefs.

Thursday April 23

Listening back, to my recent appearance on BBC Radio 4's Vote Now Show, I can see why I annoyed Jon Holmes, the nice chap who interviewed me. He kept pushing for a prediction about the outcome of the UK General election. I kept refusing to make one. I'm still reluctant. If I tell you who I think will win... and if it doesn't happen to tally with what you're hoping to hear, I will upset and annoy you! And what if you are so glad to hear the result I foresee that you then relax and forget to vote?

Friday April 24
Certain about Uncertainty

Many experts say the UK General Election is 'too close to call.' I should, therefore, be able to make at least one clear prediction about this tight contest. By May 8, nobody will be asking me who will win! Yet actually, I suspect that if there's uncertainty now about the result... there'll be even more uncertainty once the result comes in! I won't make myself especially popular if I tell the world who will eventually end up at Number 10. But then, the outcome itself is likely to be popular with few people! I'll say (slightly) more on Monday.

Saturday April 25
Your Week Ahead

Some people are worried about the long-term future. As individuals, they wonder, 'Where is the world going next? Does it really have a place for me in it?' When we come up for air, we see that we are surrounded by folk with similar concerns. Some turn their uncertainties into objections. They look for people or situations to blame. But the wise understand that wherever we find fault we are contributing to a climate of conflict. But the world is evolving. Awareness is blossoming. The future will be more peaceful, prosperous and enlightened for billions, across the globe.

Sunday April 26
Your Week Ahead (Love Focus)

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