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April 27 2015 to May 3 2015

Monday April 27
Win Win Situation

Dear Jonathan,
On the subject of whether anyone can predict the outcome of the UK general election, may I remind you of an old saying: 'No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.' Lorena

Dear Lorena,

I've actually used that very phrase in some recent pre-recorded TV and radio interviews. Each time, the programme makers have edited it out. I quite understand. It sounds like I'm just being a smart alec. But I'd prefer it to be heard as a coded message in the style of Nostradamus. It may mean more than you think it means.

Tuesday April 28
Identity Crisis

Hi Jonathan,
In my forecast, you said a person's identity cannot be lost. I'm not so sure. What if someone has Alzheimer's or another mental health issue? I've been battling depression and anxiety for years. I no longer know who I am. It is terrifying to feel so far from others' reality. Please don't publish my name.

Dear Anonymous,
You could argue that if any of us ever forget that we are spirits, only briefly inhabiting human forms, our sense of identity is equally incomplete, no matter how much we may remember about who else we're supposed to be.

Wednesday April 29
What's the Dark Matter?

Dear Jonathan,
You recently said you suspected 'mysteries of dark matter will turn out to be surprisingly closely connected to the mysteries of astrology, telepathy and magic'. Can you say more about that? Harry

Dear Harry,

It's not really my place to say more. That's for physicists and astronomers - if or when they ever tire of scoffing at astrologers and others who believe our lives are being touched by mysterious forces that we may never fully understand. Then they can explain the mysterious way in which dark matter must inevitably remain a mysterious force which defies our understanding!

Thursday April 30

Dear Jonathan, I want to learn about aeons and eras; the way the cosmos and the universe mean more than we can communicate in language, the factors we understand so little about and the universe's beautiful and terrifyingly incomprehensible lights, shades, angles and transitions. Rachel

Dear Rachel,
I want to learn more about these too! Astrology is not a subject in which anyone ever runs out of new things to learn.

Hi Jonathan, If we disagree with Pluto being demoted as a planet, should we be agitating for Ceres to be promoted to planet status? John

Hi John,

Friday May 1
Sweet and Sour

Twenty years ago, I published predictions about the artificial sweetener, aspartame. I felt sure that it would one day gain a bad reputation. I note that Pepsi Cola have just amended the formula of their diet drink so that in future it will no longer contain this substance. There's still no actual proof that it causes harm. Pepsi simply say that people aren't inclined to trust it. Maybe I contributed to that concern. Perhaps I created a self-fulfilling prophecy. But given the current state of the sky, I suspect there's more of the story yet to come out.

Saturday May 2
The New Royal Baby

I've got lots to say about the new Princess. You can read my predictions here

Your May Monthly Forecast

It seems only weeks since Mercury was last retrograde. Yet, later in May, another begins. Please don't groan! This planetary phenomenon has a bad rap. Folk talk about it as if it were a cosmic curse. Yet the wise understand that times like this are not all about difficulty and delay in commerce and communication. They are all about reflection and review, rethinking old plans, identifying new objectives and correcting the course of expeditions that may have wandered too far from their original point and purpose without anyone realising. We may yet all gain greatly from this heavenly phase.

Sunday May 3
The New Royal Baby

I've got lots to say about the new Princess. You can read it here.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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