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May 4 2015 to May 10 2015

Monday May 4
Universal Sufferage

The result of next week's British General Election is, agree the experts, impossible to predict. So, here's a contest that's too close to call. No logical process will shed light on it. Surely then, this is the ideal time to call upon mystical means of divination? Perhaps so, if you believe in predestination. But all the forecasting I do, presupposes the existence of free will. Astrologer's must empower their clients to negotiate with fate. We should all see the cosmos itself as a democratic institution, not a dictatorship. That raises a fascinating possibility. I shall explain this tomorrow.

I've got lots to say about the new Princess here.

Tuesday May 5
Vote Psychic

Yesterday, I explained why it may be inappropriate for an influential astrologer to predict the results of 'Britain's Got Ballots'. Statistics suggest an outcome that hangs in the balance. I must respect that, rather than try to tip that balance by saying things that might affect how some people then act. Some mystics say that matters that can't be clearly foreseen by astrology, may be subject to even more esoteric determinants. If so, and the election provides no clear answer, the final outcome may be decided by whichever of the key contending parties has the most psychics amongst their supporters.

Wednesday May 6

Hi Jonathan,
A reader recently explained how she has dealt with depression and anxiety most of her life. I would like to suggest she looks into what it means to be an 'empath'. It may be that she is just sensitive to the energies of others around her. Some of us are almost a little too receptive and responsive. Joy

Dear Joy,
I certainly don't think we can say that all who experience such challenges can be cured or helped by pursuing a path of deeper spiritual self-awareness but I agree, it can be extremely helpful to many.

Thursday May 7
Dark Matter

Dear Jonathan,
Scientists won't be able to find out what Dark Matter is, because Dark Matter moves throughout the universe, surrounding everything, touching everything, like a spirit. That is why the ancients wrote so much about a Holy Spirit watching over us all. When we die, our spirits join with the spirits of all who have gone before. I am 71 and not given to silly nonsense. I believe with all my heart this is true. Carol

Dear Carol,
I am 57 and have dedicated my whole life to what some would call silly nonsense! But I do agree.

Friday May 8

Dear Jonathan,
Mercury is due to go retrograde just as my son begins his exams. He is on the autistic scale, so this part of his life was never going to be easy - but now I feel like swimming out to sea. Anne

Dear Anne,
There are some who say an obsessive focus on ratings and rankings is indicative of a dysfunctional educational system run by authorities with woefully impaired imaginations. A Mercury retrograde phase never threatens anyone's mental ability to function.

Saturday May 9
Your Week Ahead

I often wonder how technical to get in each forecast. If there's too much explanation, I may bore you. If too little, it may sound as if I'm just making things up. I figure that those who do keep a keen eye on the sky, will soon deduce what informs each forecast. Fellow astrologers may be surprised if I now mention Mercury's next retrograde phase. 'That's not until next week!' They may say. But I find it's rarely the retrograde phase itself that triggers most drama. It's now, just before, that problems with commerce, communication and transportation may arise.

Sunday May 10
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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