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May 11 2015 to May 17 2015

Monday May 11
Plus Ça Change

Dear Jonathan,
Before the British General Election, you refused to predict the outcome, quoting the old saying, 'No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.' Did you know, all along then, that the existing government would indeed get back in? Lee
Dear Lee,
Let's just say that I chose my words very carefully.

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, you suggested that if Leo were a nation, it would be North Korea. Not only do I take exception to being compared to a totalitarian regime, I think it shows woeful ignorance on your part. I suggest you do some research, and use your imagination to work out what it really means to be North Korean. Mary
Dear Jonathan,
I am hurt and offended by your recent comment comparing the sign of Leo to the nation of North Korea. Susan
Dear Susan,
It was a joke in poor taste. I'm genuinely sorry.

Tuesday May 12
Free Will

Dear Jonathan,
I don't know if I believe in astrology but I like your philosophy, that the heavens don't dictate every aspect of our lives. Yet this seems to be absent from all you have said about the horoscope of Princess Charlotte. You suggest her future is fated. Surely she has free will? Amy
Dear Amy,
I rather fear the greater an individual's celebrity status, the less free will they have! Most of us can at least choose whether or not to seek fame and fortune. Royals are born into both. I suspect that gives them far less choice.

Wednesday May 13

Dear Jonathan,
May I add to recent comments about Ceres, the asteroid that has been promoted to a dwarf planet? If it is now as important as Pluto, and astrologers still see Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, Ceres could also 'rule' a zodiac sign. Presumably, it would best suit Virgo, sign of the harvest goddess. Currently, Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury. It has alway bothered me that two such different signs shared one ruler. John

Dear John,

These and similar ideas are gaining momentum amongst the international community of astrologers. They may yet gain traction.

Thursday May 14
Cameron and Clegg

As I'm sure you recall, I resisted the temptation to predict the outcome of the recent British General Election. But that does not mean it was not beyond the power of astrology itself to predict. A colleague has drawn my attention to a long, technical piece on the website In an article about David Cameron's 'Jupiter Return', an author who goes only by the name of 'CC' says, 'David Cameron will gain an outright majority at the next election and the coalition will be over, and as a political force so will Nick Clegg.' I'm impressed.

Friday May 15

Hi Jonathan,
I've always been a big believer in astrology but something confused me today. I noticed that two friends who I have known well for many years share the same birthdate but couldn't be more different in so many ways. How can this be? Jan

Hi Jan,
My daughter couldn't be more different, in so many ways, from her twin brother. One reason why I too am such a big believer in astrology is because I can see how minor variations between their charts, caused by being born just minutes apart, explain why their characters are so distinct.

Saturday May 16
Your Week Ahead

The New Moon holds forth a beckoning finger. If it could speak we would hear it whisper, 'Humans, why get so caught up in your dramas and your futile efforts to gain power over a cosmos that's already doing all that it can to support you?' It wants to show us the distant stars and urge us to lift our own sights and standards. But if the Moon can speak, we can't hear it. A New Moon is both silent and invisible. Its absence lets us see those more distant beacons. Let them kindle hope in you now.

Sunday May 17
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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