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May 25 2015 to May 31 2015

Monday May 25
Apocryphal Apocalypse

Hi Jonathan,
An earthquake greater than nine on the Richter scale has been predicted for May 28, 2015. This would crumble California (where I reside) and have terrible implications for Japan. I've seen a video containing astrological data that supports this. Please will you give me your opinion. Dennis

Dear Dennis,
There are many dodgy videos on the internet. This one is particularly bad. So too is the woefully amateur 'astrology' within it. I'm looking forward to my next visits to Los Angeles and Tokyo, both of which I confidently expect to find just as I left them last!

Tuesday May 26
Happy Rebirthday

Hi Jonathan, Please tell Nina (who has had her gender re-assigned) that I think she is very brave. She is right, it is a rebirth. She has shed her old persona and become a new woman! I certainly would celebrate that special day as my birthday. How could the cosmos not agree? Theresa

Dear Jonathan, I would say 'No'. Nina's rebirth would be reflected in her original birth chart as part of her journey through life. Morgana

Jonathan, There is no rebirth without birth. I understand Nina's desire for a new birthday but how wonderful to celebrate both! Dee

Wednesday May 27

Dear Jonathan,
Your reader, Nina, had her gender re-assigned and wants to celebrate the day this happened as her birthday. I'd like to congratulate her and ask her to ask herself: 'Am I not doing this because something in me cries to broadcast my deep antagonism towards the original gender? Also, since everything goes in cycles, if I celebrate now as my first birthday, what awaits when the next cycle is completed and I reach my present age again? A new gender change?' Vladimir

Dear Vladimir,
Your letter raises interesting points. But I don't entirely agree with them!

Thursday May 28
Normal Communication

Dear Jonathan,
If there were to be a major catastrophe on Earth but you were okay, would you continue to communicate astrological forecasts in whatever way that was possible? Soulia

Dear Soulia,
But there has, indeed, been just such a catastrophe. Haven't you noticed? The perpetrators of fear and prejudice have created a world in which money matters more than love, anger counts for more than compassion, arrogance is applauded, ignorance is acclaimed and wisdom entirely undervalued. Until this dreadful situation improves (which I confidently predict it eventually will) I shall indeed continue to communicate astrological forecasts however possible.

Friday May 29
Naked Truth

Hi Jonathan,
You recently mentioned astrological research. So I decided to do some research myself. I looked at 1,274 uhmm... nude female models. Well, I looked at their birthdays. I thought that if astrology is nonsense, the result should be a roughly equal division between all 12 signs. But half turned out to be Geminis. I thought Scorpio was supposed to be the sexiest sign? Ciprian

Dear Ciprian,
Many Scorpios might feel there's something far more genuinely exciting about mystery and suggestion. Perhaps those more analytical Geminis simply saw the logic in being paid for just getting undressed and pouting.

Saturday May 30
Your June Monthly Forecast

Venus enters Leo in June while Mercury's retrograde phase comes to an end, just as Neptune's begins. Saturn, meanwhile, began retracing steps through the zodiac back in March - and as these continue in June, they take it out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio to the respective delight and dismay of these two signs. But none of these celestial situations are permanent. We can all expect challenges of one kind or another to emerge in June but we can all expect to see solutions too, even in areas where we have been recently more inclined to steel ourselves for trouble.

Sunday May 31
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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